Job interviews and the brain "shorting" out

I had to leave my retail job because of my ankle. I can no longer stand for any length of time on my feet.

So, I have been interviewing, some with my prior career that I am hoping to get back into (desk job). I noticed that during the interview questions my brain goes out and I lose total track of what I was saying/explaining.

How the heck am I supposed to curb this? I didn't really have this issue prior to the aneurysm. Do I explain my "blanks?" that wouldn't be good either, right?

let me explain that I dislocated my ankle when I got in my auto wreck from passing out when my anny burst - my foot isn't healing as quick as I would like ;)

Hi Amy,
I don’t know if you can totally overcome these but there are a couple of things you can do to help yourself. I’ve had plenty of practice with this over the years.

  • Practice your answers in advance - to the extent that you can anticipate. - know your 2 minute drill and learn how to get to your point via a “different route” just in case the words that you want don’t come immediately.
  • Make notes of key points and review while you are waiting
  • Ask the interviewer if he/she minds if your take notes during th meeting - be discreet about it
  • You can ask a question or two to be repeated to clarify
  • Depending on your age and the age of your interviewer, your can use humor and point to a senior moment - but you only get one pass on this
  • Try to relax and take a deep breath.
  • Don’t forget to pray that God will be with you and guide you through the interview.

Good luck!


That Carole...gave you Great Advice ~ Good Luck ~ Colleen

Thank you, Carole! I am 36 so I don't know if that will

I do practice my answers - but I don't know what happened, I just was like (internally) going O.M.G! I will practice with some more of the "basic" examples they normally ask you until I could recite them in my sleep! :)

Sue, Collen and Amy - thanks for your feedback.

Now you know how I’ve managed all of these years!

Carole managed because you are one smart lady...I love to read your responses I learn so much from you...~


All great advice from everyone but let me just add a what if... and some advice to think about.

If this continues and holding a job becomes more difficult, it will be necessary for you to get a Neuropsychology exam so that your current strengths and weakness' can be established. I would suggest you ask your Doctor to have this done sooner rather than later simply because of the time it takes to get the exam done. This way should you need it for any disability or workplace accommodations it will be readily available. Good luck!

Ed, Thanks. I have never heard of this exam. what does it entail? is there more info on the web about it?

A Neurologist will typically refer you for this testing especially if he/she suspects that you may need to file for disability. It is basically a battery of mental and memory tests to determine how you compare to other folks within your age, education and employment occupations over a period of time. A clinical psychologist will conduct numerous timed tests over a period of hours. My wife's took three separate days, four hour sessions to complete. When it is done, a review of your performance is scheduled with you and your family (if you wish). A report is sent to your Neurologist for what ever action is deemed necessary. There is no need to study anything nor is it possible because they have so many tests to choose from.

This was my wife's second test. The first was right after her rehab treatment but it was lost by the facility's doctor. Now that we have the second test at least I now know what her limitations will be.

Thank you!