My aneurysm and work

hoping that I might get some feedback.....just had my coiling done 6 days ago and recovery is fine, but a little slow, fatigued and restless....When I first told my company that I had a minor stroke after a seminar that we attended and that I was scheduled for surgery in a week, I was called in for a meeting to tell me that I had better start increasing my "numbers" (I am in outside industrial sales). I was reprimanded for not using the new I-Pad that we had been given at the seminar and I said that I was a little distracted and would certainly get going after the surgery. I never even heard from anyone in the company to see how the surgery went, or if I even survived. I sent an e-mail to my boss and told him that I would take my week and a half of vacation to recover. I didn't know if I would need short term disability and told him that I would notify him if I only needed the vacation time. I received a very abrupt e-mail asking me if I notified human resources, which he said I did not need to do if I just needed vacation time, as that is handled at our local branch. I feel as if they are trying to push me out and don't know where to turn. Any thoughts?


If you have short term disability, this would be a qualifying medical event. There are numerous job protection benefits and it sounds like you will need at a minimum some type of protections. If you don't trust your human resources department seek legal counsel and also advice from your Doctor on what his expectations are for your recovery. He/She can provide the medical documentation you will need. You shouldn't need to use your vacation. Keep in mind that you also have what is called Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It provides 180 days of unpaid medical leave and this is where short term disability picks up.

Wow...Judy ... I agree with you something doesn't seem right...I donot work outside of the I do think you need to listen to Ed...keep us posted...~ Gotcha in my Thoughts Colleen

Judy, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. This is so not the time you need the added stress. I was treated similarly with my maternity leave when I was placed on bed rest. I don't understand why some people are such awful jerks. Definitely check into whether you are protected by FMLA and if so get your application for FMLA leave in as soon as you can -- you can download a guide about FMLA at which will help explain whether you are covered...if not, there may be state medical leave protection you fall under. Tell who you can about your bosses comments (HR) it does sound as though they may be lining up their "excuse" to dismiss you. So not appropriate. Good luck and I hope you are recovering well from the coiling.


Hi Judy and welcome to BAF,

First and foremost, immediately notify your Company's Human Resources Department of your surgery, medical status and your anticipated return to work date. Please also back it up in writing (i.e., email, letter, etc). This is called covering your own ass!! Also, check your Company's employee manual, if they have one, as to their requirments for leave for medical situations (i.e., FMLA, sick leave policy, long and short term disability).

I am a paralegal in a lawfirm that specializes in exactly what you are going through. From what you have written, I would suggest that you also contact an attorney and find out what your rights are under the law in your state. There are both federal and state laws (each having unique requirements for coverage eligibility) that are meant to protect you or similar persons in your situation. As I am not a lawyer, I cannot give you any legal advice, nor can anyone who is not licensed to practice law, but something surely seems not right with what you have posted here regarding the way your employer is treating you.

Unfortunately, fairness is not part of the law of any state or our federal government, and only a licensed attorney can point you in the right direction. Again, I strongly suggest that you contact an attorney who deals with this type of law (employment discrimination, disability discrimination, etc.).

Please keep us posted on your progress and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Judy,

I am also sorry that you are going through this. This is the last thing you need! I think you need to ask yourself seriously is this the type of Company you want to work for. Stress is the worst thing to cause a Stroke. Instead of recovery you are already thinking about going back to work for fear of loosing your job and not meeting targets are you mad? Do you want to kill yourself? is any job worth that. What was your stroke saying to you? It would be saying to me change your life! Life is to short to live under this kind of stress and for a Company who clearly could not care less about you. So why the loyalty to them? You have received good advise on your legal employment rights. Find out where you stand and use the time allowed in law to find another job. One with less pressure. Try something new. Maybe this is a wake up call! I would pray to God to ask him to help you find a new path. It really helps.

Hi Judy,

I think it may be helpful for you to see a therapist. It sounds like you had problems of low self esteem even before you had the stroke and its really good to talk about your feelings. Often we trap ourselves in Jobs that are actually damaging to us in all ways for the sake of a level of wage. Maybe you need to rethink your life and find something that is going to make you happier and make you feel valued without the stress. You have been given a second chance. Dont waste it.


I am so sorry that you are being treated in that way! You have a right to short term disability and I would suggest that you document EVERYTHING and keep a file of all correspondance. You need to concentrate on your recovery. I thought that I would be back to work in 3 weeks and it took 2 months and I am working only part time for now.

Call HR as soon as possible and I would limit the amount of info that you give your boss.

Best wishes to you!