Jaw muscle cut/ vision issues after clipping

I know that my jaw muscle will need to be severed and have been warned of vision issues following the clipping. Just seeking info to better prepare myself and caregivers. Surgery is scheduled for 15th. Thanks =)

Connie...going to get this back on the front page...and again know you will be in my thoughts on the 15th...~ Colleen

Thank you for all your help & support :slight_smile:

Hi Connie,

When you consulted with your neurosurgeon, I'm gussing that he told you he would have to cut thru the temporal muscle ? I know a lot of us who've had their annies accessed by way of cutting thru the jaw muscle were not forewarned (which would've been nice but I know I wasn't told this myself) but had I known about it I think I would've stocked up on things that I could eat with ease, such as Yogurt, soups, things of that nature. Also in regards to vision issues, I personally had complete double vision for about 5 months after surgery..The aneurysm pressed upon the 3rd optic nerve, so as it grew it literally severed the nerve ...the nerve did indeed grow back and although the double vision was a pain to deal with, I was able to squint and see without double vision thru my unaffected eye (or I could wear a patch, which for me didn't really work so I just went without)--and finally I was able to see straight and drive again . So between those two issues I'd say they gave me the most hassle in my recovery, but those two issues were my only real complaints. the next clipping there was no optic nerve involvement nor was the jaw muscle cut, and recovery was much easier. So not every clipping entails the exact same thing, and each recovery is different, but I hope both your surgery and your recovery go as smoothe as possible...

Peace, Janet

Janet, Just wanted to thank you for your information, as the unknown is always more frightening, and thank you for the well wishes

Hi Connie I am almost 7months post op clipping. I wasn’t told the muscle to my jaw would be cut :frowning: I don’t know if I would’ve had another option. I don’t have any pain but I cannot open my mouth fully. I can’t say “ahhh” and stick out my tongue. It’s frustrating, I’m hoping it just needs more time. As for my sight, after the clipping I had blurry vision but that was because my face was swollen.
I wish you the best. I hope you have someone to care for you at home. (((Hugs))))

Dear Connie,

I hope that your surgery went well. I will hold you in prayer. My jaw muscle was cut....sometimes this hurt worse than my head after the surgery. I am now six years post-clipping. My jaw mobility is completely back to normal--although I couldn't open my mouth fully for about a year. I did not have any vision issues. My neurosurgeon told me that if he had completely clipped my aneurysm, I would have been blind in my right eye. Instead, he "partially clipped" and "wrapped" the aneurysm.



I did know muscle would be cut. It didn’t hurt during recovery but I still can’t open my mouth the whole way, it’s only been 8weeks though. It didn’t stop me eating but it did stop me chewing gum for awhile

Hi Connie,

This seems to be a necessary procedure as it was also done in my wife's surgery. She still has to watch how far she opens her mouth 20 years later - lucky for me:)


Connie sending out some healing vibes and wonder how you are doing ~ Colleen