Jaw Muscle Issues

I am 6 Months out after 2 surgery's 3 days apart for clipping of 3 aneurysm on optic artery.

I was feeling better a few months ago. Went back to work after 2 months, sat behind desk and tried to look like I was doing something.

My eye is back in center but out of focus. when looking up, down or around is double. My jaw muscle in now more sore that ever, can,t hardly touch around it and the side of my face is real tight. seem to get worse with exercise or physical activity. Seems like it is an issue with tightness in my eye and my hearing is different. They put some mesh in there, i wonder if that could be healing wrong.

Had a ct scan and saw the neurosurgeon 2 weeks ago said ct looked great back in 6 months for 1 year angiogram.

But he never really looked at this swollen area above my ear.

Anyone else experience this.

Hi Gibbs

Wow, 2 surgeries literally back to back! Let me ask you, in one of the surgeries did your surgeon have to cut thru the temporal (jaw) muscle in order to gain access? I know my surgeon did in 1998 when I too had an aneurysm behind my left eye/optic nerve. My incision began at the jaw muscle pretty much in front of my left ear , then upwards to alittle to the left of the center of my forehead..I had double vision for 4 or 5 months afterward but then again my 3rd optic nerve had snapped prior to the surgery, creating instant double vision before the clipping....You raise an interesting question regarding the mesh however ....I'm assuming you told your surgeon about the vision problems and the tightness you have, what was his reaction? and considering the tightness and the hearing loss, I can see how that too would create a lot of problems regarding the jaw muscle not working or feeling right....Infection perhaps has set in? and your eyesight sounds similar to what happened to my eyesight when yet another aneurysm cropped up 8 years after the 1st, only the 2nd one affected the right side and was just a little further back behind my eye (can't recall which artery that one was) , but everytime I looked upward I had trouble focusing again when looking straight , and it wouldn't self-correct for a minute or so. What did the doctor have to say about your vision and about your jaw? I think I'd consider seeing him again to see whats really going on...and perhaps set up an appt. with a Neuro-Omphomoligist in the meantime. Another Angio might be necessary sooner rather then later, but I'd think that would be a good thing so as to rule out any lingering unknowns...(also, dental problems have been known to throw a wrench into our healings...something else to consider..?)

Best of luck to you ! Janet


They did have to cut thru the temporal muscle. That area seems sooner now than it did two months ago.

The Neurosurgeon compared hearing tests before and after and they were close.

The double vision will go away he says, But the focus issue could be from a cataract.

If the soreness doesn't get any better or starts getting worse I'll get back in for an angiogram in 5 months. My one year.

Thanks Todd