Its been almost a long has it been and how has life changed?

Come October the 13th 2010 it will be one yr that i have been blessed to continue this wonderful ride we call life…loving my family more, taking time to smell the flowers and just taking it it one step at a time being careful not to rush anything…most appreciative to have this website to share and also help in helping my fellow anny brothers and sisters to try and know their going to be alright…love all of you and hope life is treating you fantastic…please post ur own situation and lets share…

hey everybody…anyone gonna post…??? come on,lol

It’s been 4 years for me and I too count my blessings. I’ve pushed myself very hard over these past four years to try to get back to a “normal” state (i.e. pre-aneurysm) before I’ve finally, just more recently, accepted the fact that I’m living in a new normal and I need to give myself permission to just enjoy this new normal. I feel so free now that I’ve done that because everything is a new slate. I’ve said no more over the past 2 months than ever before. And I have just refused to make my schedule crazy any longer. I’ve cancelled out of speaking engagements that I’ve done consistently for the past three years but that were very draining for me. So I almost feel like this year is my first year because its the first time I’ve given myself permission to acknowledge that I’ve had a serious event happen to me.

thanks for your post and am very glad to hear your doing so well …may you have many. many. more…

on the 23rd of this month it will be 9 months for me. I am so thankful to have been given a second chance at life. I have 3 wonderful children and a loving husband I can’t imagine leaving . I used to be a goer but now I just take my time and do what I can do. If I do too much then I fell it and need a nap. I sometimes get frustrated at myself because my memory isn’t like it used to be. Appreciate things in life more than before.

Hi Michelle, Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!! I celebrated my 5 year anniversary on 2/2010. This was short lived however when I went for a f/u angio and another annie was found. Now I am 6 weeks post-op from my second craniotomy where they found a third annie. So now I must begin my count down all over again. My new anniversary date is 8/25/2011. Take care and keep in touch! Sherri

yes heather, i never used to a napper but now i kind of enjoy them and i know my body appreciates my kindness to let my body rest,lol…thank you for sharing ur story

hey sherri…i was at first going to say sorry to hear they discovered another one, but it seems you are one tuff cookie and a survivor…happy 5 yrs and looking forward to wishing your ur one yr annyversary in 2011,lol…you know life keeps throwing some curve balls but we are strong resiliant women,that which does not break you down can only make you stronger…lovin life! and glad u are 2…sorry i get txting lingo mixed up with regular writing,lol