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Issue about numbness

Hi guys! My name is Laica, i am currently based in HK… im glad that my cousin in Cali introduce me to this support org. I’ve had my 1st surgery (coiling) last april 10, 2020 and my 2nd surgery (clipping) last june 18, 2020. Im already home now recovering… however, i still feel numbness, is it normal?


I had a SAH Sept 2018 w coiling then Pipeline Sept 2019 and since then have been having serious arm and hand numbness. Glad to hear that I am not alone

Welcome Laica! We are glad you found us! Numbness can be very common. I looked on your profile and noticed you had a stroke, ischemic or hemorrhagic? They are different in cause (block vs bleed) but results can be very similar. I would highly recommend both you and Quindaylay let your Neurosurgeon know when you can. I find the most effective means of communication with my Dr and her staff is the patient portal. If you both have already discussed it with your surgeons, what did they tell you?

Also ask your surgeon when you should see a Neurologist for the symptoms.

Hi Laica,

Glad that you are coming along. If you are referring to numbness in the head, it’s quite normal as they cut the nerves with the incision. It took several months for me to get most of the feeling back in my head. I still have a small spot that is numb or dull.


Hi Moltroub, i will try to make an appointment with my Neurosurgeon and discuss this matter. Thank you so much for the info. :blush:

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Hi Jasmine thanks for the info. Now i can relax a bit coz im was so worried about the numbness… :hugs:

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do you get that numbness when you walk. up? ever since I started working riding my bike and hiking it has gone away. is your numbness when you walk up. in the morning?

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Hi erodriguez, everytime i touch it i feel the numbness :pensive:

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I had a coiled and I stil have another brain. ani 3mm I walk ride my bike and hike I think you should start. walking. a little first and see. how you feel then little by little if you are feeling good do more and more if you feel you could don’t do anything that. doesn’t make you feel you but I use to feel numbness in. my arm and some. my head when in the morning when. I would. wake. up. early in the morning now I don’t feel anything ever. since I started walking riding my biking and hiking but you don’t have to do everything just do what you can

Thanks for the tips, i will try walking every morning…

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let me know how your doing exercise is my medicine I sleep better and feel good overall if you can not exercise then just walk and if you feel good enough do other exercise… it’s been 2 years for me

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Its only been almost a month since my surgery, im not yet confident doing exercises, i’de go for walking 1st :blush:

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