Is this common

is it pretty common to have a short attention span, draw blank, or have difficulty making decision after an episode? i’ve noticed that i am this way now on top of being very short with people and frustrating easily. i’m wondering if there are any exercises to do to improve the thought process?

how long ago did you have ur anny episode ? i was and still am having short term memory issues…i used to help excercise my memory…but its not as bad as n the beginning…going on 2yrs now n feeln great…:wink: will keep u n my prayers for things to get better, alot of it is just part of the recovery process…it’ll get better…

its only been eight months


Sorry you are having to join our community, especially with 2 babies!! I would not feel comfortable with not knowing exactly what happened and if you have an aneurysm or not. Did you ever see a neurosurgeon? I personally think you should find out what happened exactly and get a 2nd opinion. You have so much to live for, you should be feeling well. Please keep us informed. If you want referrals from folks on the forum, there is a way to go to members and look up by areas to ask their opinion of doctors.

I don't mean to scare you, but I think it is BS that you never really received answers. Take care of yourself and those little ones,


Hi Julie,

I have been living with short term memory comming up on a year since my rupture . My attention span has improved ,but I still live with forgetting where I put things , or what I was just doing , but its not 50 times a day now, maybe 10 . When I first came home, I found playing hidden object games or mahjong on the computer helped me focus . As my Dr. explained to me "your brain has been injured , there isn't any book on how long this will take . I still have people finishing my sentences and that makes me want to throw something, especially if its not what I"m trying to say. But it passes , luckily, I forget about it : ) (for now)

Please give yourself the luxury of patience and time to heal .


It has been two and a half years for me and i still deal with the same issues as you do Julie ... I have no insurance and have not seen a dr in a year and a half and cant afford all their fees , so i am not sure how to work on this , but i try to and it is frustrating at times . I wish you well and hope things will begin working out better for you ...

Take Care ,

Another Julie :)

try some crossword puzzles or playing cards to stimulate the brain.

Hi Julie...I am not sure all of them are common, but I think we all share a bit of each...for me...since coiling I can not handle crowds or very loud noises...everything seems to echo in my head...
I think others have alot of your other effects...and can help you out...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi Julie, my name is Amy and I have short term memory loss, short attention span, trouble find the right word, frustration, angry, sadness and having problems sleeping. I have a good psychologist and speech therapist, but they will be running out soon. My annie was in June 2011 and it was clipped. Try doing the following things, which I find helpful. Brain teasers, audio books, ti chei, quiong (pronouced che gong). I tried to do yoga and I can't bend over, I get dizzy. I also belly dance, just don't do the head rolling thing. I found if I exhausted myself I might be able to sleep. Also use a tred mill on slow and I also walk when the weather permits. I hope this helps you and other people. Also, when you are doing some brain teasers and it gets to be to much, walk away and leave it and come back. God bless you, Amy

Amy, I like to call it delayed processing. Weird, like I was telling someone the other day, about a party w/snacks of cheese and crackers, and 'TOOTHPICKS', I COULD NOT remember toothpick, yet I visualized it in my head. Other instances as well, same scenerio, a word I cannot remember, UGHH, I get really frustrated, b/c, I am totally a type A personality. I hate aneurysms..........HATE! SIGH




It's a long road in the recovery and your brain has been through a war!! Please read back in the forum where it has been posted a few times, called A Letter From Your Brain. I read it daily to remind myself that it takes time for your brain to come back from the war zone it has gone thruogh, be it a clipping, coiling, gluing or stenting.

If there is a silver lining to all of this it is that we have all survived, but we must learn to live a different life than we did pre annie. Read the letter, print it out and post it everywhere so not only you realize what your brain has been through, but that others realize it as well.

I wish you the best of luck in your continued recovery and hope that your frustration lightens with every and every passing day.


PS I'm 5 months post op and still having the same types of issues only my doctor thinks it menopause (or mental pause as I call it!! )