Short term memory

Good morning,
I have been following your posts with great admiration!! I had surgery two months ago on an unruptured aneurysm that had imbedded itself in my left optic nerve. I still have short term memory - very short term and must carry around my memory book at all times as I forget medication, eating, etc. they tell me this will improve - I am now skeptical. Your thoughts and comments please. Thank you!!! Penny

Hi Penny...Read your Note...on my profile page...and that is wonderful that you contacted Dr. Oz...a few years ago Dr. Oz did a short segment on "Brain aneurysm" and it was very disappointing...maybe he will find himself here to research the subject...because BAF Rocks...~ I like that you carry around a "memory book" will be a good idea for many here at the site...wishing you a relaxing evening ~ Colleen

Hi Penny!

You are VERY early in your recovery still, getting back to 'normal' is something that takes a bit more time for most all of us here. I found doing games on the computer such as Tri-Peaks solitaire seemed to 'boost' my level of brain functioning, and Lumosity is a good site too (I think it costs $$ though) Don't be too skeptical, its early !

Peace, Janet

Hi! I think we have to work on it constantly, I did lumosity and sudokus and crosswords, also I come on here and try to recall people, their issues and where they are from. It will get better especially if you practice! Don't give up, keep trying. And don't be hard on yourself even non anny folks forget, ironically i'm trying to recall where you are from but drawing a blank!!!-lol

Hello Ron,
Many thanks for your kind words. Yes, I have been hard on myself!!! Going back to one thought at a time so I can enjoy it. I also do Word Solitaire - free app. Great fun!!! I live in Mahwah, NJ. New York State - Suffern is almost within walking distance. Lots of wildlife - bears, turkeys, a fox and even a peacock.
Enjoy the day. Penny

Hello Janet,
Thank you for the reminder. I am having difficulty with time and patience. Went for a four-mile hike and feel so much better!!!the surgery happened so quickly that without the web site, I would be totally lost.
Enjoy the day. Penny

Hello Colleen,
Thank you so much for your message!!! I requested that the producers contact the foundation directly as it is the only reliable source of information and support available. I saw his “clips” and found them lacking in information. Memory book is helping as are you and others who have graciously responded!!! Thank you. Penny

Thank you Janet!! My surgeries happened so quickly that there was no time for questions and I was not given any information on recovery or what to expect. Without all of you I would be totally lost!!!

Hi Penny Yes you are very early on in your recovery. Mine ruptered and my surgery was in December and my short term memory is still not good. Give it some more time. This is a great site for any information you may need!! Welcome


Hi Ron,
I am from Mahwah, NJ - up on a ridge and about two miles southeast of the New York border (Suffern, NY). We are complete here with black bear, lots of wild turkeys, lots of deer who are enjoying the Hostas and we even have a peacock who naps in the ivy by the garage. Went to a seminar on medicare 101 for Baby Boomers given by the county today. Will have to search out an advocate to get thru this…amazing even for those who do not have short term memory!!! Rather than get upset at myself I got out my gratitude list and added to it.