Is there a Section or Tab about how are we supposed to find jobs?

Thank you for your site. It has helped me in so many ways and one way I desperately need help is with finding A REAL JOB! If you apply for a job - they ask you to hop in the car and get down there for an interview. I would love to do that but am not able because I have a disability. I can’t do many of the things I could do but I CAN WORK BUT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS THAT MAKE ME HAVE TO WORK FROM HOME!
If you tell a Company why you can’t jump in the car to interview and you say you have a documented ADA Medical Condition and they are allowed to hire you to work from home - they NEVER CALL YOU BACK. - THEY RUN AWAY.
If you start off being 100% upfront on your resume that you must work from home - then you don’t get a real job - just the scammer jobs calling you.
If you call the GOV Disability Office to ask - how are we supposed to work - do I say this upfront or do I wait - they say “I don’t know…it is up to you”. When I ask if they can get on an interview call with me so they can explain that I am allowed to work from home and I must work from home because of medical reasons - the Gov Office says - we can’t make out-going calls and we can’t do that.
I am sorry to go on and on but I am so livid right now! There are so many jobs listed and so many that all of us on this site can do - even Data Entry. But if you say you need to work from home for Medical Reasons or you have paperwork to show documented Medical Reasons - WHATEVER YOU SAY DOESN’T WORK…and I am sorry but I am so sick of it.
Then you call the Disability Office and they say - well we don’t know if you will get Disability even though you can’t do anything you did before and have had to reinvent yourself time after time. So they want you to NOT apply to jobs while you fill out forms to you can MAYBE find out if you have a case to go on Disability! It is ridiculous to have to beg for help and this is crazy! I am so livid from begging for a chance to even do data entry part time! We have issues and we have bills to pay and we are just as good as everyone else but people treat us horribly and we need to stand together and make Congress listen!! This is horrible!
Sorry, I got a little mad there but this happens time and time again! It is a vicious cycle!
So if we can start a thread of real companies or real ways to make money! Or anybody that has a company and needs help and would hire one of us! This is so depressing on top of what we have going on…I don’t know if I am more angry, frustrated, sad, mad or what but I have hit the limit! I’m not mad at you - BAF - I love your site and it has helped me tremendously but there has got to be a way to help all of us!
Thank you!

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That’s a really great post, and you have every reason to feel angry, frustrated, sad, mad or whatever!

This support site is operated by Ben’s Friends on behalf of The Brain Aneurysm Foundation. I looked on the BA Foundation site (, and didn’t see anything obviously related to your question, so I contacted the good people there to see whether they have any information, or whether they could help you.

A great topic, Courtney, and your questions and comments may lead to some very interesting discussion.

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Hi Seenie,
Wow, thank you so much because it is like…what the heck are we supposed to do for money! Then I have been to and joined every site for work from home jobs and scams - it is unbelievable. Then when you call the Disability Office to ask for help they do nothing and say - well it’s up to you if you say you must work from home - we can’t tell you how to go about it. This is such crap. Then they say if you apply for Disability you can’t be applying for jobs BUT you don’t know if you will get Disability - so the entire thing is so crazy!! And I help VETS in my free time so we don’t lose 22 Per Day To Suicide and I think - my God, they are going through all of this, plus no shelter, food, medicine, no family, no nothing and it is crazy!! It is really bad to stand out from a crowd of 90 Million people applying for jobs and you MUST work from home - not for convenience but because a traumatic life event changed your life and now Companies run away from you like you are something wrong and they can catch it. They NEVER call back.
Thank you so much Seenie!
I am so upset and thank you very very much!
I have a huge following on LI and I keep asking them to help us and VETS because we have been forgotten and still need to work - and NO ONE OUT OF 400 MILLION PEOPLE STOP TO HELP - NO ONE. I can see how many have viewed and still no one - not even on the VETS I ask for help with - I have to do it all by myself because the people we ask in a posting that everyone sees will not help. BUT BELIEVE ME, I AM THE FIRST ONE THE CONTACT WHEN THEY NEED JOBS OR THEIR FAMILY DOES AND THEY CAN SEE I HAVE NOT HAD A JOB and they will say - Hi Courtney, I need a job I was a General Manager of an Aerospace Company making about $150,000 per year and this and that and bonuses and I want to scream and say…hello…what about all of us that I have been writing to you guys about…we need help NOW!!
I wrote the BAF about the day with Congress and I wrote a bunch of questions that I hope they ask Congress because I want to go there so bad to show them the run around we get and VETS get so I hope that lady…I think Christine or something - I hope she writes me back.
THANK YOU SO MUCH SEENIE! You have brightened my day so much - I TRULY MEAN IT!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I don’t know how to thank you but I thank you more than you will ever know!
Very Respectfully,Courtney


Courtney, I agree with Seenie, you have a right to blow off steam here. I have a cousin that does medical transcripts from home. Perhaps that is one thing you could look into.

It took me about 2.5 years to get my disability approved. I think what helped was talking to my Senator’s health aide.

I believe every state is different, but I had called Vocational Rehab and was told I would need to get disability to qualify for their programs. Someone else I know said in their state Voc Rehab helped them get their disability. It’s someplace to start…

Are you going to D.C. to help Lobby? Look me up, I will be there.

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