Disability or not disability that is the question

I re-started working one day a week after being on short term disability from sep 08-dec08. Then I slowly went back to work. I had to go back to work because my husband was unemployed and we needed an income. I never took any time to truly “recover”. I am working now from 9-2 5 days a week about 20min drive from my house in traffic each way. The issue I have is not even with working but whether I can get help from the government on days that I can’t work because of bad “brain” days when my brain can’t process a thought or form sentences nevermind analyze data (I’m a commercial real estate appraiser). In NJ which is where I live there is either long term disabity where you don’t work at all or short term disability. Is there such a thing as supplemental disability or grants by the government? I want to continue to work but my office is so understanding when I have to take off for headaches or bad brain days but I end up using all of my alloyed days (10 days a year) and then I don’t get paid when I need to stay home and rest. I’m so frustrated and I don’t know where to turn. Any ideas would be helpful and welcomed


I have been off work since 5/25/10, can’t go back till I have surgery on my 4th aneurysm, which will be sometime in October. I would also like an answer to this as I am afraid that I won’t beable to go back to work full time. I am single, no other income coming in & live in NYS. Any ideas will be helpful & wolcomed as well. Thanks! Terry

U can get short term disability until u are able to go back to work. My problem is that I am working but there are just some days when work just isn’t feasible you know? Good luck on ur surgery.

I’m on short term disability now, I’m talking about when I do go back to work as I’m told I may not be able to go back full time. I was working 7 to 3:30 M-F with 1/2 hour travel each way. I’m hoping I won’t have to worry about this, but it is something I have to be prepared for in case that does happen. Also, if I do go back only part time, I will have to pay full insurance premiums. Working full time I only pay a portion of it. It’s the same thing here in NY, long-term or short-term, no help for us in between! Thanks for the luck! Do appreciate it!

hi,i know how you feel iwas working 17 hr days when this happened to me two jobs,have almost all my life .i work in a shipping dept picking up 70 lb boxes i know im not going to do it, ive applied for social security disability.this happrned to me jan22 2010 i have not had two cents since then lost my home 6 arces 7horses thruck lost everything. the sad part is people dont care.try that though take care good luck linda

Now that just ain’t right! I feel for you!!! I just don’t understand why they make it so hard on people who REALLY need help! Not like we are making this up, that’s for sure! Are you working at all? I am going for my next surgery in October, most likely not back to work until at least November, if I am able to…which is when my disability runs out…I will try that route though, thank you & I sincerely hope things work out for you! Good luck to you as well, you take care! Terry

Short-term and long-term disability are overwhelmingly confusing; starting with whatever is available through employment; then, check out the social security website and/or visit your local S/S office.
What I remember about SS disability, is the amount is determined based on prior / existing salaries; then, if we earn over a certain amount in a year, we have to repay a percentage; and/or be removed from the disability if back to work; or over a certain income level…it is complex. I do encourage you, and all, to check it out if you’re working part time etc… Everyone’s recovery, ability to work, varies. Take each step one at a time.
Wishing you all the best in your research and results.

Been there done that whith a little luck you can get food stamps after a couple months. Took 2 years to get my SSDI hearing and 3 more months before I saw a check.

Raymond; I did not have to go to any hearing…will you explain how that is handled in case others are going through it, or may have to?

SS scheduled me for neuro-psych testing which took about six months to get scheduled; however, approval was done shortly after that and included some back pay. All the initial
delays were from my inablity to apply; I did not have the sense to. The SS office I went to was so helpful…

I went 3 years before I was approved for SS. They denied me while I was in a coma. I am so lethargic that I can’t work or drive. I had to file for indingent funds with the hospital, my insurance considered my annie as pre-existing, can you believe that. Thank god for the indingent funds thing, the bill was $880,000. I still have 2 more, 1 behind each eye.