Getting back to work

It has been a little over a year since my mother's clipped aneurysm and my family seems to be a little stuck on what to do about her job situation. Although I know depression is just one of the many results of an aneursym, my mother cites not working as the largest contributer to her sadness. She held a higher position at a larger hospital in the emergency department, she was somewhat of a workaholic.. over achiever.. likes to stay busy, so being home all the time now is not good for her.

She was denied disability govt help the reason being " although she may not be able to return to her previous occupation, her condition does not prevent her from finding other work". My mother still suffers short term memory ( what we did an hour ago, what we ate that day), anxiety ( has trouble performing tasks such as calling to set up appts, doing taxes, etc because of nerves? I suppose you would say), and lack of motivation ( always has many tasks left on her TO DO list at the end of the day, week, month). Personally, I don't think she is ready to go back to work. She wants to go back to work, but I fear she doesn't realize how much she still forgets things or needs help with simple tasks and small decisions.My family has kind of put off putting up a fight against the disability rejection thing because of the added stress it would cause to what we've already been going through, so she is collecting unemployment at the moment. My dad has been working two jobs everyday of the week because of the significant decrease in income they now have from my mother's job loss, so it's tough for her being alone so much, and for us to keep her on track and motivated since we can't be around at all hours.

I'm just looking for some advice from survivors or caregivers on whether we should relax for now on the getting her back to work, or just try it out and see what happens if according to the government she is suitable for work. My fear is that she will either not be hired and fall into more of a depression, or get hired.. then not things not work out because of her condition and have that discourage her or upset her. Are there any organizations I can look into for helping disabled people back into work even if she isnt deemed disabled by the government?

My mom sounds a bit like yours. Thankfully she was able to get disability but I do wonder if things would be different if she hadn’t. One thing I have had mom do is become active in her church. She has a feeling of being needed without the overwhelming responsibility her prior job had. She also has cognitive issues and problems with short term memory thus we have many unfinished lists. Iit is hard to be the total motivation for someone else. Has she thought of a small part time job in a place that doesn’t cause a stressful situation and lots of memory issues. It would just be a trial thing to see how she does before jumping into her prior field? Or volunteering and see how that goes? My prayers will be with you as you continue on this journey.

Hi Rachael...this is tough...however, the gov't expects people to give up when denied takes on an average 2 years to get and constant pursuing...did u hire a disability attorney to help with mom's case?

I don't know what else to tell you...I gave up my career many years ago for my husband's I was always at home ... before and after coiling...~ Will say some prayers for all of you to get some direction ~ Cyber~prayers Colleen