Intermittent problems with vertigo that last for days. Had sah 08/11 with coiling but there is still blood flow to aneursym

I have angios done to check on blood flow and so far hasent increased but the vertigo is really a problem. antivert helps but woundering if anyome has ideas why it occurs!

Among the many contributors to vertigo include ear problems related to the fluid and structure within the ear, and also atrial fibrilation or AFib. I assume your Doctor has investigated these alternatives or what they call differentials?

Hello Ed, yes, the have done ent testing including balance test for middle ear. the conclusion was that no crystal formation was noted and balance tested good so they thought i should go back to neuro. During a very bad vertigo attack, actually had a ct done with exrays but nothing was noted for cause. I do have communication hydrocephalus with a shunt- but this was also checked out to be working ,

Hi Donna and Welcome to BAF ~

I feel for you and the vertigo...I have had balance and dizzy issues for along time and seemed to have only gotten worse since coiling...I am 48 years old and fall often...actually, I am going to my Neuro today about these issues and I think Ed is right...I think I need to have my inner~ear investigated by possibly an ENT ... ~ will keep you posted...Colleen

Morning Colleen, Well, it seems the vertigo is usually caused by inner ear problems(crystal formation on nerve )I had this tested but it seems this is not my problem. The vertigo happens every couple of months and lasts for days. It is severe! Can't relate it to foods,time of day, meds.etc.. Like I said, antivert has helped lessen the severity quite a bit. Good luck with your ent check up. Donna

Hi Donna...My Neuro told me he is sending me for test, but that he suspects all of my balance and dizziness are due to the residual from my brain aneurysm...(all the falling and numbness related)...

I thought of you right away...but of course they donot ever tell one how to cope with it...


Hi Donna and Colleen

Thankfully I don't get dizziness and balance problems, but I do know there are things that can help the situation. Here is a link to info on the UKs Brain and Spine Foundation site you might find helpful.