Imaging today due to cognitive decline

I’m getting my MRI/A today at a local hospital. I had quite an argument the one and only time with a tech when I went before and then refused to go back. I’ve been having some serious set backs with a lot of cognitive issues going on. I will start back to ST the end of the month. It’s been going on for a couple of months now and slowly getting worse.

Because of @CharlesDWM post Dr. Amen Clinics? I did inquire about a SPECT scan and the NP at the Neurologist’s said he had no purpose to order one, it would have to come from my Neurosurgeon, as it would be a vascular issue. But he did order the MRs without contrast of course, I can’t take it due to the severe allergies. He has also put in the order for ST. He’s a good NP for me, I have no complaints with him. All of this through a quick portal message. I haven’t seen him in person. I also reached out to my Neurosurgeon to give a heads up the images were scheduled, so she can look at them. I trust her more than the local radiologist. The last imaging I took here, he said he couldn’t make a finding without seeing the old images, it became a battle, with my then Neurologist not understanding what the hold up was but it did lead to my stent placement. My wonderful NP was contacted by another NP as the conglomerate has changed how we contact our team, only the Neurosurgeon shows up, not my NP there. Ms Ryann says it’s not the stent. I believe she’s just trying to ease concerns, it doesn’t help. She also reminded me of my severe anaphylactic response on my last angiogram as if I could forget roflol. I didn’t ask about the SPECT, thought I’d wait for the MR final readings to come back.

Folks give me the platitudes of “everything will be alright”. Things are definitely not “alright”. I just want someone to figure out what the heck is going on and not be told here’s a pill or it’s not the stent. I know y’all understand, just needed to get it off my chest! Thanks for reading!


I do give you best wishes on your imaging. I had one on Friday, also an MRI/A.
The dye gave me a headache for a few days.
Take pictures if you can!
What is “ST?”

ST is Speech Therapy. The MRA was only 3 minutes! From parking lot back was right under an hour! The people were really nice, both of them, nothing like the first time I went to this hospital. Had no time for a nap during the MRI. The only strange thing for me was my left jaw and chin started getting hot and then it felt like someone was tapping my brain with a small ball peen hammer during the MRA so they put the setting to “Normal”, everything cooled down and the ball peen hammer knocking went away during the MRI. I can’t have contrast anymore so can’t blame it on something I didn’t have. I asked, but they didn’t know why those two things occurred.

I’d love to know why those things occurred. I highly doubt it will be in my portal. I forgot to ask if they wrote a note to the Radiologist or if the Radiologist just sees they changed the settings. Supposed to get the results today.

Got my results yesterday the MRA - FINDINGS: There is susceptibility suggesting prior coil embolization of an aneurysm arising from the terminal segment of the left internal carotid artery near the origin of the left posterior communicating artery. There is flow-related enhancement measuring 4 x 3 mm at the base of the coiled aneurysm that has increased in the interval. This could represent some recanalization or coil compaction and attention on follow-up is advised. The intracranial internal carotid arteries, proximal aspects of the anterior cerebral arteries bilaterally, proximal aspects of the middle cerebral arteries bilaterally, intradural vertebral arteries, origins of the superior cerebellar arteries bilaterally and basilar artery are patent. There is persistent fetal-type circulation with prominent posterior communicating arteries bilaterally supplying the posterior cerebral arteries bilaterally and with diminutive P1 posterior cerebral artery segments bilaterally. Proximal aspects of the right posterior cerebral artery appear normal. Proximal aspects of the left posterior cerebral artery appear patent.

We need to wait until Friday for Dr. Quintero Wolfe to review the images with Ms. Ryann, she sent me a message through my portal around 11 pm! I hope she was on call and not catching up with paperwork. BH and I are concerned if the Radiologist is correct, but we have experience with incorrect findings. We will wait.

The MRI is eye rolling (can’t think of the word, maybe hogwash)
FINDINGS: The pituitary gland is increased in size substantially when compared with MRI from 2/8/2016, now measuring up to 10 mm maximal craniocaudal dimension. An underlying pituitary lesion is possible and further evaluation with pituitary protocol brain MRI is recommended unless contraindicated. There is no acute infarction and no evidence of acute intracranial hemorrhage. There is evidence of remote microhemorrhage within the left cerebral hemisphere. There is mild patchy T2-hyperintensity throughout the supratentorial white matter that is nonspecific but commonly seen with chronic small vessel ischemia. Expected arterial flow voids are identified near the skull base. Visualized extracranial soft tissues are without significant abnormality.

We already know I have an adenoma, the Radiologist has access to all my scans. Why the heck he didn’t review them is beyond my comprehension. We also know that they can’t see the pituitary clearly without the MR pituitary scan. I don’t know why he doesn’t mention the stent in the LACA or some other things that are normally mentioned. I’m not trusting this guy to say the least.:crazy_face::rofl:

The NP has put in an order for another EEG. I’ve asked him what if my neurons are not firing correctly deeper in my brain? The way I understand an EEG and I’ve only had two, is that they read the electrical impulses on the top of the brain, not deeper into it. Anybody know?

So I’m back on the yearly MR regime. The neck of my aneurysm is opened up 1 mm more than the last time I was imaged. The Neurosurgeon doesn’t think it’s causing my cognitive issues and suggested getting with the Neurologist for an EEG. Sergey had already ordered it. I feel like they’re doing the shotgun method on me which is frustrating. I’ve been down this road before and all I end up being offered is medication. I am the type of person who needs to have definitive answers and not a pill to hide the symptoms.


You are correct, the EEG can’t pick up electrical activity deeper in the brain. There are more invasive style EEGs for that but no one wants that

Sharon from ModSuppport

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Wow, I dont know how I totally missed this thread but I’ve been in and out the hospital again with a whole new round of crazy happenings and this slipped by. I’m so sorry to hear you’re back to watching more closely again. And dont feel too bad, like yours, my MRIs read like a long winding journey through distant lands that speak in foreign tongues :grinning:. I like to think it makes me more interesting.

While I feel so bad you’ve got something new to watch, remember you’re out in front of it. That’s what matters most. And we ALL support you as you have supported all of us. You’ve got this!

Also, did you see the recent article in Brain & Life on mild cognitive decline? Sorry if it was already mentioned and i missed it. I am thinking of following up on that myself once my latest health mess is sorted out.

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Thanks Ms Sharon, nope don’t want anything invasive happening to my brain, it’s had quite enough of that🤣.

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Thank you so much for your very kind words, they mean a lot. Hospitals are a world unto themselves aren’t they? Can’t say they’re my favorite place to be and I’ll be going in on Tuesday for the EEG. The Neurologist who reads them has never found anything in the other two. The first one I fell asleep during it but the techs forgot to tell her and she told the Neurologist I had at the time that I stayed fully awake. So I don’t have very high expectations of any findings that would offer a clue.

I am very grateful for Sergey ordering the MRs that’s for sure as I wasn’t scheduled to have any until 2026. I know my Neurosurgeon doesn’t want to do anything more than she absolutely has to because of my severe anaphylaxis on the last angiogram. Quite frankly, I don’t ever want to repeat that experience. BH and I were discussing the “what if” and I said not leaving the prep room until I see Dr. Q-W, get my shot and she makes sure that the shots are there for the NA if needed. It’s a bit frustrating to have to hear your surgeon call the NA back to administer the benedryl that was there and then go get the dexamethasone, sheesh! But I’m really happy she doesn’t want me on her table this year!

I never thought to think of myself as more interesting simply due to the Radiologist’s findings, it made me chuckle as most of my family and friends think I’m eccentric :rofl:

No ma’am, didn’t see the article. I’m not sure I’ve ever read Brain and Life, is it good?


Yes, its from the American Academy of Neurology, and amazingly, it’s a free publication. I have to start a post so everyone sees it. Heres a link to sign up.l:

Here a link to that specific article.

Unfortunately right now the only answers seems to be pills that are new, may or may not work, and may or may not create a new set of problems (but those thoughts are my own). Not sure how to feel about all that. I.was planning to follow up with a neurologist but new things happened recently so I am sidetracked fot a bit. I’m holding off on that until we solve my more recent vision and gait imbalance issues. I am headed for an EEG soon too, but angiogram first since I’m a year out from the last one. I had a normal CT and CTA, and an interesting MRI, but we’re going to be absolutely sure I’m all good on the aneurysm front first. I’m glad they are being thorough. In fact, despite the huge number of angiograms I’ve had, theyve all led to something necessary to follow until last year. That was the first year I heard “looking good, see you in a year” so I’m not sure why I’m suddenly so optimistic. But i am.

I would not want another angio were I in your shoes either. Allergic reactions are not a joke. We’ve got enough going on there’s no need to add to the physical and mental toll it can all take.

And yes, you should consider yourself VERY interesting. Normal and ordinary is rarely worth second glance, is it? You are extraordinary. You provide an ennending sea of support to desperate souls that find their way to you while on a terrifying and tumultuous health journey. You do it with sincerity, with good research and medical articles, and with humour, grace, and humility. Yours is indeed a very beautiful mind, and all of the lives you’ve touched are better for having crossed paths with you. I sincerely mean it when say you have an army in your corner. If good wishes alone were a cure, you’d never so much as sniffle in this life.


Prayers sent your way.

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So thankful we’re all halfway through the year. Prayers and positive thoughts
As an aside, one of mine has a 1mm opening and my doc doesn’t seem to be real worried - not scheduled for followup studies until 2025. Found it after the followup studies for the stent the year before last.

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Thanks everyone! Neurologist wants me to take a break and relax so I have been talked into it. It’s very painful to type. Went to Ortho Doc yesterday, not a torn rotator cuff, but a pinched nerve in neck. H flipped my middle finger and it felt like a shotgun blast in my shoulder. So now I’m waiting for Ms. Ryann to get the images. She already knows I can’t have steroid shots and needs to figure out what to do with me.

@Modsupport is going to cover me for awhile until I can get the pain under control and a bit more cognitive abilities. I’m hoping they’re related somehow. Best I can do is give hearts to everyone. Please will everyone help each other out while I’m on sabbatical? We really need y’all!


We will be thinking of you.
Take care of yourself. :heart_hands:

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@Moltroub thinking of you today and hope things are going well! :heart:


Already missing your voice here!!! I hope all is well. Please do not worry about us though…we’ll do our best to pull together and we all want you to take care of you for a change!


Hi Moltroub,
I’m a bit late but wanted to wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and return to “normal.”
I appreciate so much the dedication you’ve given us as moderator and wish you the absolute best on this next “adventure.” Holding you in my thoughts,



@Moltroub take your break as doctor suggested, give us updates when you can, I hate cognitive decline, best of luck


EEG and ST next week. NP Neurologist doesn’t feel the pinched nerve is causing cog issues NP Neurosurgeon scheduling MRI to look at nerves and muscles. I was finally able to get her the X-rays as the ortho doc office didn’t seem able to luckily I had paid for a copy. I was using wrong word and asked Neurology and PT to download my images both said they couldn’t. Someone at Neurologist told me upload :rofl:. Hospital imaging got them in my file. The woman was exceptionally nice and told me ortho kept sending the findings and not the images.

Y’all are doing great with each other, makes me very proud to be a member. Keep it up!


EEG was normal, ST has already started to help. Neurosurgeon NP has upped my gabapentin to 900 mg a day and the tiZanidine to 4mg every 6 hrs for what the ortho doc thinks is a pinched nerve in my neck. I was able to sleep several hours last night after picking them up at the pharmacy yesterday!