I'm so blessed! BUT WOW!

I'm back, has anyone know if a Chronic Carotid Artery Dissection at the base of the skull have anything to with brain aneurysms (which I've had 2 repaired)? I'm still being tested for MS. I'm very tried and so confussed. How much can a human body take? My mind & soul! The only thing that keeps me going really are my 2 handsome boys Jack & Ben.

I am so sorry Carrie...I donot know...but you have my prayers sweetie...!

Hang in There...!

Fondly, Colleen

Hang in there Carrie. God is in control. Just have faith. will keep you in my prayers

Carrie...many prayers to you...you have technical questions you need to ask your neuro-expert... particularly if it was chronic prior to, or after, treatment. Ask if stents were implanted, and/or need to be, and more.

Please ask your neuro-specialist.

Prayers to you, your two handsome boys and all the rest of your loved ones; family and friends.


I have an appointment this week with 2nd surgeon 2nd opion. This is something new but they say i have had this for a few years. Thank you for your prayers.