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I'm new!

My name is Teresa and I’m new here. I’m really bad with technology and l have never been a part of something like this …but I could really use the support.I’ve already had my first surgery at UCLA,and will be having my second on December 3rd of this year.My speech is a struggle, and my pain is still there especially when bending over.I would really appreciate connecting with others :flushed: and being part of this community!!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome Teresa! I’m like you, no support group in my area. Some professionals have suggested going to the TBI group, others have told me it wouldn’t be a good fit. Here, you can get a lot of support from the members. I’m so glad you found us!

As far as technology goes, I learned to text and found Pandora from the RNs in ICU! They were great! Many here can give you help on that end, just ask.

I’ll tell you what my doctors said when I complained about the pain bending - don’t do it. I find it more comfortable when I can keep my spine totally in line with my neck, so lots of being on my knees. Also stay hydrated! Drink water, lots of water. For speech, what issues are you having? Many of us end up with speech issues, we can help!

So nice of you to take the time.I have had problems with speech since my surgery.Its gotten better but not were some people can’t understand.So my husband if we are out I try my best he tells them I had Brain surgery.Everyone has been nice.But I was a big talker.So I listen better now one good lesson.That’s good idea to try to keep since straight.I will try!Thank you!I have 2 horses and 30 chickens.So bending sometimes I have to do a lot.I have another surgery in Dec.3rd.First was to aneurysms on right side cranitomy & clipped. Next will be one on left side cranitomy clipped.Sorry probably talking to much.But Ima just don’t want to go through it again.I also lost my sense of smell nothing.But Iam stubborn and faith God has a plan.If you could know how much this means to me.What kind of surgery did you have?Thank you again.

I’ve had three coilings, the last with balloon assist for one ruptured aneurysm. I ruptured 7 Nov 2013.

When you’re ready, seek out a speech therapist. I’ve been three times since I ruptured and each time has helped tremendously! Ms. Stacey, one of my ST’s says I just needed a refresher course this last time. I used to get pretty upset when someone would give my word and it was the wrong one. Now, I am able to just tell them that’s not the one I wanted lol. She also stressed most people are not good listeners and if they don’t understand it’s on them, not us. For folks who do t have verbal communication issues, it’s hard for them to understand the frustration. Hang in there, it will get better. I have found that folks with speech issues tend to talk to me more and the hearing impaired are great listeners.

Instead of bending over and tapping on your horse’s leg to clean their hooves, try squatting and bring the leg up to you. You will still have to bend your neck to see the hoof, perhaps you can figure a way. An ice pack on the back of your neck will help after your chores are done. Hopefully, your horses will allow you to lean on them for a bit, some will, some won’t. My first mare would, the second wouldn’t, but she learned. And maybe you can use a long handled tire brush on their legs when your washing them. Tire brushes are soft. I envy and applaud your ability to still have horses. I don’t have any now.

As for the chickens, squatting shouldn’t be a problem. You can squat to clean their roosts, pick up eggs, etc. it just takes time to learn and remember. I had months of Physical Therapy for major back surgery the year before I ruptured. It’s amazing what a good PT can do for you!

I have to chuckle as our brain surgeries had the opposite effect. I wouldn’t say anything unless it was very meaningful. One rupture and you can’t shut me up. We never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. I’m fortunate that the folks I hang out with will explain what would be a nicer way to say it. It’s not that I say things that are intentionally mean, it’s usually too truthful.

Problem is I liked talking is what I did a lot.Now trying to listen more.Telephone is what is hardest.But great idea about horses,and chickens not bending so much.I started speech therapy.But it is far from house.Maybe after next surgery.Sounds like you have good support.Thank you for understanding.
My brother tells me Iam a cat with 9 lives.I know one thing God in control.
And having amazing surgeon help!:grinning:

I have problems on the phone. People don’t always understand me. Just keep working on it. Stacey, my ST taught me to breathe out when I’m saying a sentence, it controls the stutter. Also read out loud and do word games

When you were saying about breathing.Its like have to push out My words.I do get out of breath.I have to pace myself.Funny sometimes I can’t yell across the backyard.Next surgery surgoen said ;might lose voice completely .But just going to fill that in back of mind.Thank you so much talking with me.Happy 4th of July.Las Vegas has some great fire works off the top of many hotels.:fireworks::fireworks:

I remember watching them from the lake just East of Vegas I think it is, was many decades ago lol. Our fairgrounds does a pretty fair job and we can watch most of them from our front porch. Too many folks driving and drinking for me now

On the breathing, I have to remember to inhale at the beginning of the sentence and exhale out with the words

Have a safe 4th!

Thank you!I was wondering if something wrong with having to take deep breath to talk.Nice to know it’s normal.:fireworks:HAPPY 4 th "Independence Day":us:We stay home too.Have to make sure horses don’t get to excited.

Keep your head up - speech can return - time is what it takes (and you continued push to make it happen!)