Teresa Klingbiel Brainsurgery survivor

I had my brain surgery Dec.4,2018 at UCLA.I had 4 Brain aneurysms.This first surgery the Surgoen did cranitomy and titian clipped 2 of my aneurysms 4 plates 25 screws.It’s been 6 months.Iam having most problem when I bend down to much.I live in Las Vegas and have 2 horses and 30 chickens.I so love to take of them but can have a lot of pain were my scar is if I do to much work outside.On December 3,2019 I will have my second surgery done at UCLA.This time one aneurysm cranitomy titian clipped.Sure not wanting to have another surgery.But my doctor and nurses and staff really were so kind and took such good care of me.So that helps with the fear of facing another brain surgery.Seven years ago I had a cardiac arrest at home.My husband saved my life by doing CPR.I have Long-QT’s they put in pacemaker diffibaltor.I also have Lukeumia.It’s truly a Miracle Ima alive.I ride my horse and so thankful for my husband who has been so living and takes care of me.Thank you so much for reading my story.Sorry so long.This first time will be able to talk to others that have gone through brain surgery.Truly thankful.


Teresa you are wonderful example for others , I really hope all yourhealth problems will be gone , and I wish your second surgery to go smooth !

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Thank you!It will be so great to join in on talking to others.And to have support and try to give some too.

I cannot imagine 30 chickens, we only had a dozen growing up. Raised horses and a steer every year. I’m a bit envious you’re still able to ride. When I was young, we used to go camping at a lake by Vegas, it was a beautiful area to ride. I imagine it’s all surrounded by houses now.

I have issues with the heat and humidity here in N.C., I stop outside work when it hits around 88 so I do most of my work early and try to push it to 2-3 pm, rest a good bit (siesta time!) and go back outside around 7pm. I realize that doesn’t sound like a hot temp (I grew up in CA). But it’s the humidity. Well I promised to use the weed eater while it’s still cool so off to yard work I go.

Stay in touch!

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Welcome! It’s a nice image thinking of you riding a horse at a stunning Nevada sunset and appreciating life so much. I can relate to the pain around the scar after a craniotomy. I thought of it like arthritis, because the bone of the skull was opened and while the two sides of the bone were healing back together, it hurt. Not a headache, but a skull ache. It gets better with time. It was worse when I was exhausted, which happened a lot in that initial period. That gets better with time too. Sounds like you have a gem of a husband. Lucky you!


Iam having a little cry.Its so amazing to hear that I’m not only one having skull pain.It has gotten better.And like you when I do to much it hurts bad.
I have had horses for 54yrs. My Mom put me on her horse at 5 years old.She was called the mule Lady only ones she would ride.I have quarter horse end a little miniature horse called "Frodo Baggins"Your so nice to text me.What are hubbies that you like to do?It sounds beautiful were you live.I really hope Iam doing this the right way.Might take a little time.Really so nice of you to reach out.When did you have your surgery?

@teresak - Welcome! I am new here recently as well. Your story is truly a blessing and an inspiration of strength, faith & hope. I am due to have a pipeline stent placed on July 17th to manage the annie for the time being and perhaps later on if the stent does not help it to occlude, then we will consider doing a clipping via craniotomy. I am hoping for the best for myself and for you to have relief of that pain.

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So nice to talk to you.I am so grateful.
I will say prayers for you.That you would feel peace.To be honest my surgery wasn’t as hard as I thought it would have been.When you are feeling up to talking let me know how you are doing.Family helps and don’t be to hard on yourself.A break and a little rest is good for our body for a time.Many blessings your way.

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It gets better dear. Listen to what your doctor says. Drink water, sometimes chewing gum helped me with headaches and remain positive. Make sure that you thank your husband for being there for you. That means a lot to people like us.

Sending hugs and positive thoughts

I read what happened to you.Ima so sorry you had to go through it this way.I do so agree my husband saved my life 7 yrs. ago when had cardiac arrest at home he did CPR.Its hard to go through all these medical stress.But truly look at my life and I think you really become more grateful all that we still have in this crazy world.Thank you so much for reaching out.When I had my first brain surgery I didn’t one person that had brain surgery.Ima still learning how to work the site.Hope you have a day filled with peace and do something you Love. :cupid:

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Teresa, when you reply to one specific member, hit reply right where their comment is, on mine they are gray. The other reply is for the whole message, on mine it’s blue. Hope this makes sense.

Hi, Teresa, I had my initial aneurysm craniotomy in 1995, after a ruptured right posterior communicating artery “explosion” when I was walking. The bone in that area looked normal after it healed for many years, and felt normal after the first year or so but in 2014 the skull in that area became eroded (20 years later) and I had to have a cranioplasty, which was a plastic surgery to make the skull look more normal by replacing the bone with a bone cement. The neurosurgery 20 years ago wasn’t as refined as it is now, so the first skull repair didn’t last and I looked like I had a bashed-in area on the right side of my forehead. I wonder if the pain I had in the first years was related to poor healing, because it hurt to lay on that side on a pillow, even if it didn’t hurt when I wasn’t lying down. It also was worse with the weather, as my sister with arthritis tells me her bones ache when the weather changes and my skull ached on those days too. The cranioplasty fixed any aches because they removed a “circle” of the skull where the cut was made and filled it with bone substitute. As for me, I am retired now, traveling a bit and enjoying my husband and 2 adult children. I love the West, so I wish I was where you are!

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Thank you!Its been hard my thinking is not sharp since my surgery.But I will keep trying.Its been great support to feel Iam not only one going through.

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You must be such a strong person.I going for my second BA’s craintomy,clipping in December this year.I told my husband afraid my brain can’t take another craintomy.
Iam so happy you are enjoying life and your family.I have my horses and chickens and 2 daughter’s in their mid-20’s.Really nice to share what you have gone through you must have so much strength.I think when you have faced so much you are thankful for each day.Hope you have great places to travel and beautiful sunsets.

Congratulations on all you’ve gone through! You are truly a survivor. Leukemia is in my family, they are watching my blood counts. My craniotomy was 7 years ago and I have to tell you I still have discomfort at the slightly concaved surgical site. As long as I know everything inside there is ok, I can tolerate the headaches. As I have had a few that were severe, my neurologist recently told me she thinks I have Occipital Neuralgia. I had a CTA scan and it triggered a severe one and she said that’s not uncommon for those of us who’ve had surgery. I guess because of head placement in the scanner.
I’m so happy you have so much love in your life and your animals. Horses are also so therapeutic! You are an inspiration and in good hands.

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So nice of you to talk to me.To know you really understand.I just have to get through my next surgery in Dec.3.
I wanted to ask if you head hurts where you scar.When I do to much work with horses and chickens Iam in pain.Hope you have great July 4 th🎆

Yes, but not all the time. Like you if I’m bent over too long, scrubbing floor etc The weather can bring on an arthritic sort of discomfort and direct sunlight or strong wind, extreme cold.