I'm looking for someone to email back and forth

Hi! I'm looking for someone that is in a similar situation as mine. Unruptured middle cerebral artery aneruysm clipped and it doesn't matter where you are in your recovery process. Mine was on the right side.

I would love to talk with you, please let me know. xx


Hi Tina

My annie was also mca on the right side. I had mine clipped on November 17,2010. 3 months after my clipping I had be opened again to tighten everything due to leakage, 3 weeks after that they did it again because I got an infection. Right now I am waiting for the 4th operation to replace a part of my skull bone that was removed the 3rd operation. That is were I am at in my recovery..

Hi Tina. I’ve read your posts in the past and could so relate to what you wrote. Had a ruptured aneurysm 11-29-10, SAH, and a clip. Don’t know the details, except that it was in my forhead. Been eight months and I’m still shocked when I have bad days. Seems life will never be the same for me. I’ve been promised that it will get better, and it has, but the headaches are daily. Really have to focus some days to keep my emotions in check. Feel as if there is some residual PTSS as well (post tramatic stress). Craniotomy was from ear to ear. (the itching around and back from the incision is ridiculous!) Feel like I’m “moving on” will with my life, but I’m not myself. Feel like family is loosing patience with me.

Hi Tina,

I had my first annie clipped 5 weeks ago and my second one will be clipped Wednesday july 13. Unruptured. They were (are) both behind my temples. My recovery is going well and hopefully my next one will go as well as this one. Ill admit, I'm scared. Any time you want to talk, I'm here! ( Of course I will be in the hospital for a few days this week)

Take Care!


Tina...Wishing you the best here...you are getting a good response....I have tried overtime to connect by aneurysm areas and cranial nerve damage areas, etc...and have not been able to generate it....

Each area, the lobes, cranial nerves, etc, vary w/our recoveries...

Hugs and prayers...and, that you stay in touch with the group, too....


Hi everyone, I guess sometimes I just feel like a fish out of water. Maybe everyone feels that way from time to time. I’m interested to know if anyone is or has suffered from the same type of deficits after their surgery. Mine being the right middle cerebral artery that was clipped meant, two lobes affected I guess. Frontal lobe and Temporal lobe. I’m looking for feed back as to what others have experienced due to having those areas tampered with during surgery. My aneurysm was unruptured.

Kimberley,my wife is going through the same thing,they’re waiting for her to stop smoking to go further,and believe me folks,that’s not gonna be easy