I would like to know how long it takes for your skull to feel normal again

I had my surgery on July 28 I know that it takes alot of time to heal but will my top of my head always feel different,I had a clipping on mine.My head feels so different now although I know it is to soon,But will it always feel this way.My left side feels flat and the right side feels twice that size.It also feels like it is now shaped different.I am a strong willed person,I did have to cut my hair because of the pain of the weight when my hair was washed.I am still tired,and I still have memory loss, will that come back?I am a survivor so it is not going to get to me know matter what.I got put on a different headache medicine due to the one I was taking did not help.This medicine seems to help more so far.Of course it does not take the pain completly but hey its all good .Just curious how long will my head size feel back to the same.Thanks to all of you.It has made my life so much different,because someone else is there to ask,things about.You are all great and blessed people,I to will try to be here for others.

Debbie did you have a ruptured aneurysm, or non ruptured??? BIG HUGS

They say I have a inheriated typee of aneurysm which now they are telling me that waht happened 5 years ago was one that had more than likely ruptered ,which is why I got electrical strikes threw my body.My grandmother and her sister both passed away with anerysms ,sio I got lucky.I lived just crippled me for 5 years and still have letf side weakness, this one was a unruptered one that they caught in time by a mra that I have never had done,it was a 4 hour surgery,stayed in ICU for 2 days went to another room told them I want to go home ,and my family tells me thats all I all would keep saying all 3 days,I weird I do not remeber anyone in my family even being there when I came out.Until they put me in the other room,but again I just wanted to go home,nothing like getting paper work to tell you how in the hospitals you can get a infection called Mirsa,Guess my brain said let me out I want to go home and they did on the 3rd day.They shaved the front part of my hair about 2-3 inchs,cut me from the front of my right ear to the middle of the forehead I do have pictures on my sight.My hair was long threw the surgery,but it was so heavy I had my husband cut it off because it was to heavy and it hurt when I washed my hair.My docter said I was like a picture book,clipped my anerysm which was behind my right eye ,it was at the right peritoneal craniiotomy of a complex right neck herosclerotic calcified right middle cerebral atrry anerysm.In his words thats waht the did.And they did a microscopic dissection with intrapaoperative use of microscope…In a short they cut my right jaw muscle and the aneurysm was behind my right eye in the central right area but with arteries tied up into fom the left,soit was center behind my eye.Hey another stepping stone atleast this time I did not wake up parralyzied.I also came home in 3days which amazed all the doctors.I do not like hospitals,or doctors,because I suffered so long for 5 years with many doctore telling me I did not have a sroke we do not know what happened ,labeled me with a 15 hour attact of my brain.then pretty much kept elling me my left side weakness was all in my head.I grew to not like doctors,I know you will be okay you are in our Prayers in Austin Tx.Keep me informed how how you are doing.It is amazing to watch this sight to continue to grow with more survivors,and the people we get to meet.Keep your FAITH thats what they told me thanks to them all.

Hi there,

I had surgery on June 8th and my head still feels sore at times, especially when I am tired. I don’t have the headaches but the left side of my head does feel different. It’s no longer numb like it was in the past but I also feel the shape of my head is different…

I think that how mine is going to feel also,my right side is still swollen but maybe in time it will go down and start to feel somewhat back to the same.

I was 23 when my aneurysm ruptured…my head still feels swollen when I lie down on a soft pillow. I am now 40.

This is Hillary (Denny’s wife). My clipping was on the left side of my head also. My surgery was on June 24th and my head still feels funny. I’m not having headaches but am not back to 100% yet and am getting impatient.

thanks for being honest with me because my right side of my head feels so different although it has been only one month for me my head feels swollen alot on top and around back.I pray one day I will it will go down but I needed to talk to someone else just for some answers.I am 51 you were so young was yours a inherited type,all my children have to be tested.I wish you the best of luck and thanks for giving me a outlook of what to expect.Add me on your friends list if you dont have me allready I would love to keep in touch with you.

Well we are close to the same dates mine it was on the 28th.But yes I am restless also,but everyone tells me patient,and we will get better.I am not sure we will ever be completly the same but we have to look at it that we survived.I fought to do that.It was and is the only thing that mattered to me.I wish you luck add me as a friend or my husband Douglas Love who is a member also for support.I wish you luck.And I will be praying for you.I to just had this done we allready have alot in common.4 days apart.Atleast you are not getting the terrible headaches,they have not stopped for me, and the tiredness,my goodness,seems if i do anything I have to lay down for awhile because i am so tied.

Congratulations to all of you that are in the early days, hang on and i hope you are resting and eating well. My surgery was Aug. 20th 2008 and at the time i was clueless to what was going on, to be honest it took me months after surgery just to learn to spell and remember the word aneurysm, so hang in there. For me this surgery was one like none i had had before, dealing with the brain has been a real challenge, but at the same time it is doable. It just takes time. So i gave myself time, and i still do to this day. Every month things changed and they changed for the better and that is how i measured my recovery. My head took a good year to feel like it was mine again, with the added bonus of the scar and the feeling of some new screws too. The swelling will go down, when i was tired or over did it i would swell a bit more. At first i had what i called " brain crackle" the noises. the healing part, connections being made, was very strange but passed. Also my jaw bone. ouch…and i thought i would be able to chew gum in the hospital…no way, lol, dreaming. It passed I also when i got home after 5 days , only 1 in ICU, for me that was my worst part, and only cause i was alone, they sent family home and i was awake and afraid to sleep…there are a tons of code colors too… My eye was so swollen, i never looked at myself in the hospital, and for that matter for a few early days at the house too.It took about a month to get rid of that dandy black eye, swelled shut too. Washing my hair and feelings to my head were very strange. It felt as if my head had become a bowling ball somehow, and i had no idea as to what he had done to me. Except what ever he did he said i made a great decision as it was paper thin and he could see the blood swirling. Yeah , like i had a choice… i was and am so grateful for Neurosurgeon, to me he is the best, I was just very clueless, and then threw pain meds on board and i was all ok…do what you have to do. Getting my hair cut and washed was for the first year always sensitive…but it does pass. Today at 2years it still is not my favorite place to have someone apply pressure…but i still love to have my hair cut and done…so hang on it will get better but early days are early days. I watched a lot of movies and thank goodness the US Open started the next day i got home…
We are all so lucky this site is grown so huge since my surgery, so how lucky to have this and other on line sites, or hopefully a support group in your local area. If not Ginny will help you start one. That is what we did down here.
many blessings and keep the remote close by.


thanks for the information I can say you hit it dead on the way my head feels,and I ti was so bruised up along with my jaw,my spelling is terrible,and I stay tired but I did just have mu surgery and I know it will take time,I to was lucky 2 days in ICU and the 3rd day I came home bu the 1st 2 I do not remember.I did cut my hair off it hurt to bad to wash,i take it one day at a time and I thank GOD for letting me get threw it.And the grace of my Doctor and the support of my family,friends,and all the new friends I have here.Add me to your friends list really nice talking to you.Thanks

I can understand not getting to eat a hamburger,my jaw was cut also,cannot open my mouth that wide plus I wear denture both sets,an have yet to able to keep them in unless I use poligrip,and it grips to tight and makes my jaws hurt ,So its eat alot of soft foods at this time.My head always feels swollen from front right side to back top of head,My hair got cut from the middle of my back to the collar line,pain was terrible when I washed it from it being so heavy.I do have alot of swelling still but its 5 weeks today,so hey I am doing great get bad headaches,so my doctor switched my medicines,cannot take pain medicine due to a reaction.They make me sick.Thanks for talking with me,I will take it one day at a time, my memory still sucks at least they could have fixed that problem,but Got a great Husband that takes great care of me,I see so many people that lost there loved ones like their husbands because of their problems I feel that God kept me here to be a part of this foundation meet all you great people and help them threw this,it seems to be so important.I do not know what I would have done without all of you or what I would now either.Thanks again for talking to me.Keep doing good and keep in touch add me on your friends list.

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I agree reach day is a different day,the way my head feels to the swelling I feel,or my legs that do not want to carry me far.I had all ready got of pain from the 1st one 4 years ago,but now its like having to take each step one at a time again,I get so tiered,I almost cannot stand up.My children have a hard time because they have had to pay so much for all this vacations ruined,and places we cannot go because I cannot do it.Like carnivals, rodeos and many other things.it is hard to stay positive but I am a fighter and with no help the last time when I think the first burst I felt death,and was paralyzed on my left side,I got upset after 3 days and no doctors telling me anything while in the hospital pretty much said it was a 15 hour attack of my brain.I checked myself our dragging my left leg, The electrical strikes that day were terrible,I went threw menopause,blew a whole threw my stomach,and could not take a step or use my left hand,I stuck a phone in my hand to make it open,carried it everywhere to save my hand,took 5 years to learn to walk and that was as far as about into a store and was just tired to get threw the store often having to sit until my family got done,I did all my own therapy because the doctors could not figure out what had happened,Guess I should not have checked my self out of the hospital,but I had a 7 yr and 9 yr old at home,and I wanted to be home.Now they are 13 and 15 and here we go again I think they were nicer then because now my memory is so bad,or I say things the wrong way,and my spelling I cannot get right much less help with homework.They at times make me cry,I know they love me,but this has truely been hard on my family.And on MYSELF.It is 5 weeks on Wednesday I know I am rushing it because my brain or scalp feels like it swells worse when I over do it.I stay so tired,my husband is great,and so are my kids,for loving still after all we have been threw.I hope to recover fully one day.But I hurt so bad to walk and the headaches are terrible,my right side of my head feels so weird and it looks and feels so different,I cannot even lay like I have with my husband because I cannot lay on that side of my head I miss wrapping my arms around him,now we have to lay backwards.I just want my life back.I will never give up and I will accept what God gives me because I know that I will apart of this foundation forever and try to comfort others as you all have done for me.You guys are great and i feel lucky to have met so many people who care for 5 years other than my family no doctors cared labels me depressed crazy all in your head .Surprise I guess it was but not in there way,My grandma and her sister passed with aneurysms.I got lucky twice. Thanks God for looking out for me.