I was completely unprepared for the pain of the angiogram

But I am happy to report that my doctor told me my aneurysms are gone. I had two on the right side and had a PED put in. I still have two on the left side that are untreated. They’re smaller than the others were but I’m opting to go ahead and have surgery on those so I’ll be getting that surgery scheduled soon. Hopefully in 7 or 8 months I’ll be able to say that I’m Annie free!

I had my third angiogram on Friday and I swear it hurt worse than the first. But maybe I just forgot the pain from them until I had to go through it again. Did it hurt afterwards or during? The first one I had, I cried through the entire thing because it hurt so bad. The one Friday they gave me enough pain meds to make me fall asleep and then they woke me up when they were ready to do the dye so it didn't hurt until the healing process.

I would say if it hurt during they didn't give you enough meds. But thankfully the two treated ones are gone!!!! That's awesome news!

When I had my angiogram, it hurt through the whole thing, then I cried the whole time I was there because the headache was so bad the pain meds weren't even relieving my pain. Ive suffered from headaches my whole life and never cried through them even though they put me in bed.

I was awake for my first one and didn't feel a thing. The other two I was out. I never had any pain I lucked out. The aneruysm which was considered giant was gone in three months also and I was taken off of blood thinners. We all have such different experiences don't we? I'm still knockin on wood!!!!

It hurt during… REALLY bad. It felt like my head was exploding in a big ball of fire. They gave me some meds right before but whatever they gave me did nothing for me at all. I was fine afterwards outside of the soreness in my groin where they cut me.


I would like to correspond with you. I have 3 unruptured and in the process of treating one with PED.

Your case is similar to mine.

Please let me know if I can have your e-mail. Thank you!!!

I had my PED on November 30, 2011. My NS always put me to sleep. This was the fourth aneurysm. I had ruptured in July of 2011 and had 5 total. I had two coiled, one clipped and one PED. The PED was great. I never had any problems. I didnt like taking the Plavix, but I did. It caused a lot of problems but nothing compared to if I had not have taken it. I went back in June 2012 and the aneurysm was occluded. I still have a small one that we are watching. I pray it never grows but the chances are slim on that I think since I had so many. But we watch it closely and will do something. My NS thinks it will have to be clipped. He said it is in a bad spot. ??


I have 2 questions for you:

I have an upcoming PED surgery in May. You mentioned that Plavix caused you a lot of problems.

What type of problems did it cause besides I haven't heard of any besides major bruising?? I want to be prepared.

second question:MY angiogram in October was an absolute horror as well, It felt like I was sentenced to the electric chair, my brain on fire, and seeing stars all over the place. It seems to me that it all has to do with the experience of the person doing it, but I did not know they can put you to sleep during an angiogram because it is my understanding that better pictures are taken when you hold your breath and awake. The questions is, what type of sedation you had for angiogram procedures? I will defintile ask for that next time. The good thing is that my new Doctor is one of the pioneers of coling with 20 yrs experience when the time comes for my first post-op surgery check up I should ask for complete sedation.

Well mine probably was unique in one way. I was on my period in the hospital. They started an IV of Heparin and I could tell I was bleeding bad. Then sent me home on Plavix and Aspirn. I became very anemic due to the bleeding. I am not sure it was the Plavix though, because I have done the same thing once after I was off the Plavix. I came very close to needing a blood transfusion. When I would shave my legs, it was awful. Because I would cut myself like I had never done before.

My neurosurgeon always has me put under general anesthesia. He told me once he might keep me awake, but changed his mind. I am glad he did. I woke up in the OR after he was done with the PED and that is the only hospital stay I remember. I felt great. I stayed in neuro ICU for 24 hours. and then was discharged. As far as the PED I have never had any problems with it.


Thanks for the advice, I requested you as a friend. Can you please accept it so I can send you a personal message directly?.

Take care and is good to know all these things from a woman's issues!

can you ask for general? where did u go?

that seems ridiculous. where did u go?

Sure. My e-mail address is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Glad everything worked out for you. I had 4 total and just had my second (and hopefully last) PED put in on 3/29. I can’t wait for my 6 month appointment so I can be done with all of this because it has been extremely stressful. I will say this though, recovery from my second surgery was MUCH easier. I wasn’t nearly as sore or bruised in my groin area and was only on pain meds for two days.

My neurosurgeon always just put me under. When I had to go in June 2012 to have my PED checked, he at first said he would might do it with me awake. Then when I saw him right before he went back in , he said he would put me under, for which I was very thankful for. I think he does it for my comfort. He is a great man. Dr. John Spooner out of Nashville, TN.

Hello Louise,

Recently, I have been taken off the blood thinner, did you experience any withdrawal symptoms when you were off? I had a PED on Jan 18th and I am around the corner for my 6 months treatment to end less than a week to go to the next step, an angio! Ever since I have been off the blood thinner, I experience a cold feeling all over my body, weakness, head pain, and strong dizziness, did you go through any of these symptoms when you were off the blood thinner?