I have a question

when I was in rehab. they worried about me falling when I got home. they said that I had be very careful. I have been doing so well that I havent thought about it.

here is the question on mon. I went to town and a older lady 72 hit my van so hard without breaking and it jar me good. torn her car up. I have minor rear bumper and tail pipe damage. but I have felt sick and have a dull headache. can we get hurt like this. or did they worry because I didnt have balance and have fallen in pass, but not since surgery Its been all most 13 months and I have had few problems in months, am I worrying for no reason , am I just shook up because Im old ( 69 ) and worry about loosing my driver license, which I was stopped at red light when she plow into me, dont know if she black out or fell asleep. she didn't know what happen


I would highly recommend you see your md due to your headache. I cannot remember if you had coils or clips and, when you have had, or are expected to have, a follow-up check. I am not trying to frighten you; just be practical. Our arteries may likely be more fragile after brain treatment...whether coiled or clipped.

Five years prior to my initial leaks/ruptures, I was involved in two MVA; and, my headaches began. I did not even own aspirin then let alone pharmafia products. The unfortuante part, following the second MVA, is that my PCP rprescribed 10 days of xanax for my anxiety and referred me to a psychiatrist; never tested/scanned my brain...

Please do check with your doctor on your headaches, particularly based on when your follow-ups are planned. Prayers and best wishes to you.

Hi Wilma

Pat gave you good advice...You need to see your Doctor...esp since you have a headache...

Keep us posted...Gotcha in my prayers...Cyber~hugs Colleen