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Hi All, I am now in my 12 year of recovery. I suffered a bleed in 2001 and had 22 coils fitted. I am now 42 years old with a loving family and a fantastic career. I have never spoken to another person who has had a bleed. It took almost two years for me to recover to point where I could return back to work. Theres so much to wright about but I will save for another time.
My question to the community is - does anyone experience fatigue and strange sensations in the brain almost like panic attacks? I have been told that they are panic attacks but I feel that it is something to do with the bleed, I have been checked out with a ct scan which came back all ok.
Life can be difficult as survivor - our injuries cant be seen and as such people cant sympathize with our condition without a full explanation.
I live my life as normal as I can - most people don't know of my condition - but sometimes I wished I could talk to someone who understood the symptoms I get.

Hi Anthony!

You came to the right place--there are lots of us Survivors here who can most definately sympathize , no doubt about that. Wow, 22 coils ! I've had two clippings (1998, 2010) and coils after an Sah/coma in 2006. I don't have any idea how many coils were used on me, and I'm asuming you've never had any issues with the coils (like compacting) ? I've had no problems with my clippings but I had to have my coil dealt with due to compaction after 3 years, (got a clipping instead of adding more coils), but the 3 years I had the coils I had no issues with them at all. How often do you go in for followup scans? I don't think I've had any 'panic attacks', perhaps an anti anxiety medication could help curb your attacks? I noticed I get a lot more easily rattled nowadays then I ever used to, I have an RX for Xanax sitting here and it helps quite a bit when I hit the above average stress level and I feel like I my blood pressure is hitting the high notes!

Glad you found us, this Site has been an awesome addition to my life with lots of very caring people all around, wish the BAF had been up and running many years back ! Peace, and take care, Janet

I would like to add something positive to this post before I clock off, as I realise that my post comes across as a bit self centred and miserable.

I have for the past 10 years lived an almost normal life...I have children and continued with sports activities and enjoy the work that I do, which is helping people with addictions. I rarely contemplate my condition but have taken the philosophy of ' live every moment like its the last ' and above all ' smile and be happy '.

On the whole my surgery has allowed me my life and for that I am truly grateful.

Hi glad you shared your story on the Main forum...I think your feelings are so similar to many of ours...I have days...that the fatigue is brain just hurts and my eye is drooped almost close...and someone will see me and say..."you look good"...because I do take good care of Me...and I don't complain to others...but sometimes it is hard...I have found this site has helped me so much...I guess so...I have been here about 3 years or alittle more...No one can understand this journey unless they have walked it...and too often I find ... people don't want to even here the word "Brain Aneurysm"...saying it ... will bite them in the a...

Wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

Disappointment for me is the lack of knowledge surrounding after care and how to manage long term symptoms, after all if we need all the information available to us, especially possible/probable side effects. There are so many different views on aftercare and long term recovery!
I am confused with this information in regards to self managing fatigue, stress, strange sensations in the head… For instance, do I as I do most of the time battle on through fatigue and fight it not letting it take control of my life, or do I recognise that I need to slow down and take it easy? What are risks? I don’t know and my doctors don’t know… There are probably experts here that do know but getting to speak to them means jumping through many hoops raised eyebrows and feeling of being a hypochondriac.
Am I puting myself at risk by going on roller coasters ? Or mounting biking or even scuba diving… No one seems to have the answer or do they? I read a recent article stating that my chances of dying have doubled compared with the general public… Is this true, I understand that we need robe careful on what we read on the internet but this info comes from medical research… Does this make it true? Have I and my lovely family been fed misinformation from the experts. I’m looking for facts so I can manage my condition and live as long as I can, this should be considered in the medical field and made a priority.

hi Anthony! Welcome, I thought it more appropriate writing here in the reply sect of your latest post, especially since I lost my welcome post as I errantly cliked on your blog!!! lol. No I did not think you were a bit self centered or miserable- actually it was the opposite- caring enough to share and very inspiring- I can see why you excel at your profession! i'm 4 yrs post sah and here since February and forever grateful to baf- I'll never forget the warm welcome by Colleen and the first chat by my good friend jimmy from Perth, without them I may have not been eager to return~ Feel free to question or even vent- they are very caring and understanding having been there themselves, ps- I saw you trying to chat sorry we missed- stop back soon, we'd love to chat! best time is between 8 am and midnight est American time, also yes i'm extremely fatigued and get panicky . re last paragraph, I don't do scary stuff on the internet- it can be very misleading, ie one study was from another country with substandard care I suspect. As far as twice likely chance, when?? day 1 or day 500? hmm I guess that's one advantage of not driving-I've increased my survival odds!!-lol, well I must close now and hope to see you around!

I have much to say on what you wrote Anthony...I have appts today...and will respond more later...