I have a question

I have been emailed by some people on this site and they asked me if I felt that we weren't a part of this group. I thought to myself, noooooo, I feel very much a part of this group. What their thoughts were was because our aneurysms didnt rupture, we're not survivors we aren't as important. At first I'll admit to thinking, no that's ridiculous but promised I would put this question out there. I"ve read these emails a few times and now I'm starting to question this too. lol

My personal thoughts on this are YES we are also surviors. We came through brain surgery, we are home with our families and yes that constitutes a survivor to me. Just because they didn't rupture, doesn't mean we haven't gone through similar things as the people that have had ruptures. We didnt stay in the hospital as long but we do have bouts of depression, we have fatigue, some have had memory issues and on it goes, we also feel and wonder if our lives will ever be the same. Will we ever feel the energy that we used to? My humble opinion is that brain surgery is brain surgery and no matter how skilled your surgeon may be, it's brain surgery and it's been tampered with. Which it's clearly not meant to be due to the amount of protection our brain is surrounded by. Example, hysterectomy...for us women once that has been done, you are not the same. We then look at hormone therapy and so on to enable us to go about our lives. Ok, starting to ramble here..hehe

Does the majority agree with this? Or am I just crazy?? lol Input please :-) xx

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Wow - I've never felt this way, and have been very involved here since this all started for me about 5mos ago. I have 3 unruptured - one that was coiled and stented. I'm surprised, because as another unruptured survivor, I've never been aware that anyone here felt that way -I've gotten nothing but support, SO much support, from people w and w/o ruptures. More, I've been able to take in the blessing of NOT having a rupture - those with ruptures have been helpful in reminding me of this, as its all so overwhelming at times.
I think it's really good that you put this out there.

Comparisons really are irrelevant - somebody with a successfully clipped single ruptured aneurysm, who is blessed to heal fully, may be more medically reassured than somebody with unruptured and untreated aneurysms - the point is, this is an incredible challenge and detour in our lives that none of us could have predicted, and THAT'S what makes us similar and lets us understand each other.

I hope everybody feels welcome and supported here. It's been a lifeline for me.

Again, thanks Tina for putting this out there. Virtual hug!

I have a ruptured annie and I feel you are a survivor as much as me! You have metal in your head just like me. You went through surgery with all the risks just like me. So if you have an annie, no matter what kind, and you are still on this planet alive, you ARE a survivor! IMO

I have felt at times like I can’t be in the club. I had an unruptured aneurysm. I have two clips in my brain but pretty much no side effects. Still like everyone else here I stood at the edge of the abyss and got to step back and into life instead of the alternative. I think I can be in the club.

Thanks guys for all of your input and comments so far. I feel the very same way about this. It's been a lifeline for me also. I may not post a lot but I read a lot.

Thomas, you're right...you are certainly a member of this club as we all are. We are here to support each other, to vent, to cry , to do whatever we need to do. Here, we reach out to the people around the globe that truly understand what we're feeling and yes, even what we're thinking such as this concern by some members. I wrote to one member in particular that " because you are feeling this way about the group, to me only points out that you are certainly a member of this group. Self doubt, low confidence, the list goes on that all surviors feel".

Thanks again everyone and yes, virtual hugs to all. xx


I am sorry to hear that anyone might feel like they are not a part of this group. I had a unruptued annie. had it clipped. From day 1, I always felt like I was a part of this group. The love and support is amazing.

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