I have a CCM located in my brainstem

Wondering what are any ones thoughts on this producing symptoms of headache and high fever because of where it is located in my brainstem?
Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

HI Laurie...I am going to sound dumb I am sure, but what is a CCM...is it a type of aneurysm? I think you may get some better answers if you explain ... Thanks ~ a bunch...Colleen

Hi Laurie - I'm glad I ran across your profile. In February, I was told I had an aneurysm; I found out last month it's actually a cavernoma. I'm just now starting to find out what that means. I experience a lot of severe headaches; my doctor thinks it's just migraines, but I'm not completely convinced. Have you visited angiomaalliance.org? There's a lot of information on the website & the forums that I've found helpful. I still come to this website from time to time because there isn't a lot of information out there regarding cavernous angiomas & the experiences are somewhat similar. It sounds like you were recently diagnosed as well if I read your profile correctly...in fact we were probably diagnosed the same week (I found out March 15). Good luck to you & feel free to send me a message if you'd like to talk more!