I had the 'you know what' scared out of me yesterday

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this. Yesterday afternoon around 2:20pm I was sitting at the computer centre and all of a sudden my vision went wonky but just out of my right eye. It seemed that my peripheral vison was being affected. It was ‘jumpy’ and when I looked to the right, the floor, my hand, whatever looked liked waves. Like when you look at the water and see little waves? Hard to explain. Then my right hand was on the desk and I’ve never experienced double vision before but I think thats what I was seeing. I was SO scared, honestly I thought, OMG is this it?? Waiting for the thunder clap, worst headache of my life but that didn’t happen. Thankfully.

still call your doctor,remember the brain letter or go the er please be cafeful god bless linda

Hi Linda,
I have absolutely no faith in my family dr at the moment. Long story but it has been posted on here while I was venting and so frustrated over their complete carefree attitude. Anyway, I did actually call his office at the time it was happening because I was scared out of my wits! The secretary probably spoke with him or the nurse practioner, not sure which one and she came back and said. “Yeah, they don’t know what it could be but if it would make you feel better, go to emerg.” That’s it, the end. I am so looking forward to speaking to a neurosurgeon and to someone who might just care, even just a wee bit?

then please go to the er,that is one thing i found out people dont care and please get a new dr,i cant even get a doctor in my area i have to drive 2 hrs away because i have medacaid want to be treated like dirt be on that insurance .that is when i started feeling better when i went back to my neurosurgeon,i walked in he asked how are you and i said right out shitty.he said why and i said how am i surposed to feel he said dead ,and i told him how sick ive been he said give her this ,that,meds and that day i started living again that was my six month apt.so i lived in hell for six months with no help ,i walked into one place they said they couldnt take my insurance i got upset my sister said come on i said no this is bullshit i didnt have a tooth pulled i had a brain aneurysm one of the doctors heard me and said take her they did give me something for the anxity xanax but do you know how many places i called and went and even right now im trying to think of a way to write to someone for taking my home and everything i got im going to try they wont care but i am going to write to someone.im sorry tina i get so mad,but the hell with them go to the er.i once had a doctor down here in fl tell me linda you have to call and take care of your self because there are so many people in and out of these offices its hard to remember them all and he was a doctor telling me thry dont care to follow up on things because they dont have time. pretty bad .i could go on for hrs sorry.linda


Hi Tina, I had that thing with vision happen to me I could’nt see I was so scared, my friend took me to the emergency room and by the time i got there it had started to get better. But my vision messing up like that was what lead to testing that found my aneyurism. I have described this to many doctors since it happened but not one of them seem to know what caused it but im sure it was aneyurism related cause I havent had that happen again since I had mine coiled. Someone told me ( not a Dr. ) that it might be the aneyurism pressing on your brain but im still not sure it just shocks me that so many peoples vision have done this and not one Dr. has a clue. If you find out what causes that please let me know. If I were you I would follow up with this just in case.Thanks Laurie

Laurie I will for sure post what anyone has to say about that. I go for my MRI Monday morning at 7:00 and I’m going to bring this up. Like you it only lasted a few minutes but it was a pretty scary few minutes! I don’t know what is up with Dr.s so hepped up on that any symptoms a patient is presenting is not related!! I’m also hoping that if anything has changed with my aneurysem and something is going on in there that they will see it right away and not just send a report to my GP and tell me “he’ll get it probably within a week or so”. I would think if something is going on in there they won’t wait that long??
In a way it’s comforting to know that someone else has had this happen. Thanks Laurie. Tina

Laurie I wanted to follow up with this. When I went to get my MRI report, I asked him again about the experience with my vision. He just said, I dont think any of your symptoms are related to your aneurysm. So my husband said “well ok, if none of my wife’s symptoms are related to the aneurysm, then what would other possibilities be”?? The family dr just skated around the question and dodged it nicely. Some dr’s just can’t say “I dont know”. Anyway, I’m going to also bring it up to my neurosurgeon when I see him Nov. 18th and see what he says. All I know is, I"ve never experienced this before so there must be an answer for this. Again, dr’s just seem to think that there are no symptoms of annies…well 40% present symptoms. It is possible and I’m tired of hearing nothing is related. Very frustrating!

Tina, glad for this update…and that you’ll see your neuro… I had very similar, possibly worse than yours has been…

Do you have balance issues? Can you see stairs, steps, curbs when walking?

I highly recommend anyone w/vision issues… see neuro-oph… perhaps 11/18 will get a referral for you… if not, see your oph and ask for the referral…

After I saw neuro-oph…I went into vision therapy to regain the eye muscle control…and, more;

I have never recovered my upper right peripheral vision… My hospital progress record notes several times “call in oph for pt safety”…the joke is, it was never done… After D/C …I fell down stairs, bruised / split knee, bumped my chin, broke my glasses. Next day PCP told me it was all minor!!!
When I am fatigued, I have less control of my eyes even now…
My right pupil was turned inward (nasal)…even when it straightened somewhat in appearance…it moved…w/o my control. Some months after my therapy started, a friend told me it was so nice to look across the table at me, and not see my pupil flicking…

I have vague memory of my d/c speech therapist frowning at me when I did not look at what she told me to…referral to them noted hearing loss…nothing on vision loss.

Please make your notes by date/activity/eye reaction / if fatigued, etc. to take w/you 11/18. Please keep us updated…


i do have some vision issues here and there that thankfully are not huge. I have had the thunderclap but i got thunderclap first and then i got the vision issues. have you been diagnoses with an aneurysm already? i guess you are living in fear for it to burst? if you have vision issues and then you are waiting for help with the aneurysm, i would go to emerg. tell them what you know. maybe get help before a burst? i don’t know a lot though just taking an educated guess on what you experienced. it can be really scary…

It sounds similar to what I have had in the past and the doctor said that is a form of migraine. In the past I would get visual changes and within 30 minutes have the headache pain. Since my coil and stent I have had the visual issues a few times with out the headache pain and he said it is still a migraine, called an ocular migraine. Ask your doc about it.

yes, now that you say that Kimberly, I have to agree that this does sound exactly like the headache that you stated above.

Headaches are not fun at all. I have had too many of them. i was so headache free and then this happened. Not related, just happened to be another thing that was related to headaches…

blood pressure …it is up there after I was feeling pretty good and healing…now waiting to feel that go down to normal so i can work out just a bit…on treadmill without going into a huge sweat…just something to move my body around. I need to do something that is work out related.

I have to stay away from work. too stressful. I own half the heating and air conditioning company so it is lots of thinking and my brain is not ready. roughly 5 weeks after coiling I have cut the perkisets pain killers to 3.5 tabs which is pretty good i think for sure.