I am walking for you and me!

Good Morning.

Its been awhile. Its been 9 months since my clipping on my Opthalmic Artery. Under the circumstances I am doing well. The only thing I am having problems with is my balance. I feel like gravity pulls me to the right. It is quite embarasing sometimes when I am at work and I start walking to the right. ;-) Does anyone have this problem.

Any how I am very grateful to be alive. Just wanted to let you all know, I will be walking for a fundraiser in Illinois. I am doing this for me and you. I will have everyone of you on my mind. Check out the link. (this link is not intended to get donations. It is to share and make the public aware of this silent killer)

Have a great day.


congrats on ur recovery n thank u for ur kind thoughts, will def visit the webpage…i keep everyone n my prayers from this site for continued recovery along w/many more yrs of health,happiness n love…we r all lucky 2 still be here…thank u Lord:)