I am very worried about my father's condition after his ruptured brain aneurysm

My father was having a ruptured brain aneurysm.. and it was really something not familiar for me .. i did not even know what was the aneurysm.. first doctor on the first hospital was saying that he only had a chance of 10 percent to survive .. then my aunty transferred him to a second hospital where it was known to have a good neurologist..

Neurologist said that he was having a ruptured brain aneurysm and it was in a high risk stage already since the bleeding has been affected the area of the brain..

He said that not much we could do.. But then he said that we could do something but has a very high risk and he did not promise anything .. He then reffered us the radiologist from another hospital who could treat my father with endovascular coiling.

Again we had to transfer my father to the third hospital on the next day for the endovascular coiling.

On this hospital they sucked the blood out of his brain and the radiologist told us that there were two treatments could be done for my father : clipping surgery or endovascular coiling.

Surgery is cheaper but has a high risk and coiling is 4 times more expensive but safer .

The doctor only gave us 5 minutes to decide so we (my siblings and i) decided for my father to have the coiling treatment.

It was successful treatment however 9 days after the treatment he got an infarct stroke and he has been in Intensive Care Unit for 2 weeks now.

He could not speak or move his body now.

I do not know what to expect after that and whether my father could recover faster as i am very sad to see his condition.

He is only 56 years old. Please let me know if you know anything about this.

Thank you.

Yunita, I’ve never been through this but…My prayers are with you!!

Hi Sweetie...

And Welcome...so sorry about Dad...

He is in a good place ICU...The coiling was a good choice...please donot second guess yourselves...either coiling or clipping ... have many risks and stroke is one for both procedures...

Keep open communication btwn all of you and the surgeons and nurses in ICU...

Take it "one day at a time"...what you may think is slow recovery...may truly be a big recovery...

Be There, hold his hand...tell him how much you love him...and he needs to fight hard...this is a long journey sweetie...be sure that you and your siblings are taking care of yourselves...because dad will need a lot of help...

May God Bless all of you...! Hugs Colleen

Thanks Colleen,

My parents have been separated long time ago that is why she did not have a say for my father.

I would like to be always there for my father but i live and work in Singapore .

I left my job for 2 weeks to be with my father in the hospital and just back to work now .

I try my best to go back to Jakarta (Indonesia) every week end to see him.

It takes 1.5 hours flight between 2 countries.

I do hope God works on his miracle for my father..

i believe u and ur siblings made the best decision…they may have him in a medically induced coma to allow his brain to recover…but they…the drs should be waking him up soon to see how the operation fared…stay strong and keep your faith…God is watchingover him…many prayers coming your way…God bless…michelle-n texas,us-strength for u and ur family