I am still standing!

I don't understand the reasons for life sometimes..maybe that is when I found..I had to go back to the book of job in the bible...2 and 1/2 years ago I passed out woke up in the icu unit of a hospital.. I started doing a body check to see what was wrong on my own. to my left was 2 doctors with their back to me..so finally i cleared my throat and said excuse me, they were both in shock by the look on thier face..they approached my bed and smiled. i told them they needed to let me go for nothing was wrong with me..they looked at each other and Dr.Lee said no the question is how long have you had that brain anuresym little lady..my mothers face crossed my mind..I said I dont know you are the doctor why dont you tell me!! so we went back over years of family history to finally decide it came from my mothers side..it is heredity. so I decided I needed a second opinion. Off to Johns Hopkins I went..they looked at all the films and cd's and reports..and told me you have a 5mm anuresym in the middle right cerberal artery..we can coil tha.. it's a new procedure.. so they made a small incension in my right groing area and went into my head.. after waking me up, they said we will be up to see you in a bit..about 3 hours later I started counting the shoes under the curtain, i counted up to 16 people and Dr. Hanough. entered she was the dean head professor of neuro-surgery there at johns hopkins..she had a small laptop to show me my anuresym.in the (R.M.C.A.)and said we did not coil it and you have to make sudden medical decisions now..to make a long story short. after telling me about the one she touched my arm and said Jana there a 4 more anuresyms in your brain and we cant fix them all..maybe only one...everything they said has come true, I started having sezuries about 8 months ago...but through all the tears..and the things I still go through..one thing I do know is that the lord has been with me daily..I see it for what it is and as Bro.David said..Jana there is something god has for you to do..he is not through with you yet.and all the doctors agree...but this I know he loves me for he still has me standing.

Hi Jana, you are going through a lot and yet you are staying positive. God does have more for you to do. You are showing others that you have faith in God, he is sustaining you. I met a pastor that told me about his wife who had a few aneurysms. One of them ruptured and the doctors told him she should not be alive. I believe prayer works, she is doing well. The way I look at life now is like this our God of the Bible knew when we would be born and he knows the day he will call us to our eternal home with him. He knows what is best for us we can leave that in his hands. We can take each day and make the best of it, treasure it. We can pray for healing, and pray to not be anxious or worry about a thing. God bless you, Jen

thank you jen

you are so right..and I made a promise to god that I would use each day he gives me to help someone that he put into my life or across my path..and right now I am at a va hospital, since friday with a friend of mine that needed help,,and so far i have met 7 people that thier loved ones have had anuresym surgeries..as the lord led them to me I spoke with them and i hope they can find thier way to baf for support if not then i pray the lord is with them in this time and need. thanks jen


Hello, Jana. I am praying for you as well doctors and scientists that continue to seek new treatments. I pray that someday a treatment will help give you peace of mind. Your strength and courage are an inspiration, and your drive to help others, amazing. God is keeping you here for a reason, and it is wonderful you have found such meaningful ways to help others in need.


you know it is this foundation and the people here that help keep me centered.

we are all here for each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

this is where I find that strength to go, along with god whom on some days carries me.

and I know the days he does.