Still unclear about what happened

i pulled all of my medical records this week to have my case reviewed by an attorney. i’m amazed how it went from menengitis or a brain bleed, to post partum depression, to pre eclampsia, to a brain anuerism, to a vasospasm. the final reports say vasospasm, which looks like is caused by a ruptured anuerism. i’m still a bit confused about it. i know the dr’s tried to explain it all to me when i was in the hospital and my family did as well, but i still don’t feel like they really know what happened. i see my nuerologist in a couple of weeks and i hope to find out if the bad spinal block could have caused my problems. in the mean time i started using some of the brain teaser apps to try to sharpen my memory, etc. i still have an issue with trying to figure numbers. the other day i sat down at the computer to figure out my budget. i needed to buy baby food for two weeks, but i couldn’t figure out how many packages i needed. it’s really frustrating!

my goodness, it sounds like youve been to hell n back..sorry to see your having so much difficulties sorting thru what doesnt seem to be very clear to begin with...that would frustrate me as well..and you have a baby to care for too..i was 41 when i had my 5mm anny rupture with 2 children 15 n 20 yrs old..i dont even think i could fathom going thru recovery trying to recoop myself...i pray your able to find answers as to what happened and your family can give you some relief to be able and rest, which is so important in getting yourself well..vasospasms are very dangerous after a anny rupture, please make sure you go back to the dr to get those addressed..i was monitored the entire 2 wks at least twice a day to check for please make sure you get it looked will find much needed info n support on this welcome and keeping you n my prayers for healing...take care n God bless..michelle n texas

i would start questioning my dr.

Hi Julie...I agree with Michelle ... "sounds like you have been to hell and back"...

I think in some ways many of us have seen the same thing with our surgeons...I got my medical records this week after almost 1 year...and amazed me the stuff that was left out and stuff they never told me...I am so happy to be alive ... I feel for you with all of your problems and symptoms...and I do hope you get it figured out and some relief comes your way...Cyber~Hugs and Thoughts your way...Colleen