How I found out I had a brain anurisym

Hello everyone. I’ve had headaches off and on for a long time now.but around the first part of nov. I got a headache that last about three days. Then on nov 11 th I was driving home and blacked out went over a cliff down 39 feet into a gully took out a big tree and went into another one that f innally stoped my van. I woke up and there were the paramedics they took me to the hospital did a bunch of tests and ct scan that’s when I found out. I went to my regular family dr and he refered me to four wrong kind of drs but I got on the internet and found the right one. Yeah last Thursday I had my angiogram and they found out I had two with wide necks one behind each eye. So next thursday im having one surgery for the coiling and a stent. Then when I heal from that one then Ill get the surgery on the other. What a rd I’ve been on it took about two months to heal from the car wreck now s urgerys thank god im a strong person. Still very rough.wish me luck everyone im going to need it thanks and god bless.

Oh boy! Good luck :slight_smile:

Wanted to thank you. Have a awsome day.

Hi Jeannie! Looks like you went through a lot! But I’m happy that you recovered well from your accident! Can I ask you if the doctors think that your symptoms were related to the aneurysms? I have 2 wide neck aneurysms one behind each eye also and I too have constant headaches, head and neck pressure. Doctors don’t think the aneurysms are causing it thought. I’m still deciding between stent assisted coiling and pipeline embolization procedure.
I wish you all the luck and hope everything goes good for you! God bless!

They dont know but my bad headaches I get are just like yours. For them not to say they rant it seems like a lie to me because everyone I’ve talk to that have tge same problems have the same head aches to go figure huh. What do you take for your headaches?

I feel like my bad headaches and pressure in neck/head are related to my aneurysms also. Doctors can’t possibly know everything! ) OTC medications don’t really work for me, the only one that usually worked is excedrin migraines. But it’s probably not a good idea anymore since it has aspirin and caffeine… My doctor wanted to put me on migraine meds but I didn’t wanna take one on daily basis.

Whats a Otc med? Do you also have problems with your memory?

Sorry by OTC I meant over the counter meds. I don’t think I have memory problems, I do feel confused sometimes. I also have dizziness and lightheadedness.

Jeannie, my daughter is the one with the aneurysm which was found during testing for memory problems. She's in the process of deciding which type of surgery to have. Doctors tells her they don't think her aneurysm (behind right eye) is causing the memory issues, but I'm not sure they really know. Good luck, I will be paying for you/her.


I am still amazed from your story and so far journey ... I will be keeping you in my prayers for your upcoming coiling...but trust me will be ready to get the show on the road...God Bless out to you ~ wishing you a beautiful weekend ~Colleen

Thank you college you have a great weekend also

Jeannie...Be thankful that the aneurysms were discovered before rupture. As I have said in my mom had a massive rupture appx 23 years ago..she survived 21 1/2 years following the rupture...lived a very good life...I discovered I had an aneurysm because I fell several times hitting my head...therefore I went to Neurology to see if I had any damage to my head due to the multiple falls...that is when the aneurysm was discovered....Having a choice to have surgery is a good thing....I am very Thankful to Dr. Barrow at Emory Hospital in Atlanta GA for doing such a good job....I had clipping done and have a Titanium Clip in my head...I am doing very good following the surgery....I am and will be praying for you!

Wow Brenda that some really scary stuff you went through. Im sorry to hear about your mom. Im so glad you got it taken care of and doing better.we all not to take life for granted that's for sure. God bless you.

I use to have migraines as a child and continued into adulthood. In 1995 a customer came to my work counter (USPS) with a book by Dr. the book he talked about progesterone cream....I immediately left my counter, got some money and bought the book....I then purchased the cream....after 3 months I stopping having migraines (go figure)...which perhaps mean I was having a hormonal imbalance (according to the nurse I told this story to).

I started selling the cream but gave most of it away....I wanted everyone to get rid of those awful headaches.... so I quickly realized I couldn't be a salesperson of progesterone cream....Ask your doctor...might help you. Good Luck.

It was more scary watching my mom go through what she did....however she did recover and went on to live a good life....I was never scared for myself...perhaps it was because I had a choice to have surgery to prevent a rupture...I believe my family was scared for me....(HA, HA, HA)....Again, good luck and God Bless You too.

Im only scared if something happened to me who would take care of my kids yes they are older but im a single mom and my kids need me.two of them are teenagers.

Remain positive. In the ICU I woke up and said to the nurses "When are y'all going to do my surgery" They said you have already had surgery...I had no pain...THINK will be fine...important to be as POSITIVE as you can.

Oh thank you I will be positive thanks for the support god bless.

Hi Jeannie!! prayers of great healing after the successful coiling next Thursday and beyond~~~also for additional strength and fortitude although you seem to abound in this already! Think positive and all will be fine!~~~