I am just sooo tired!

I am sooo tired! I can’t seem to do anything and can’t stay focused to complete one thing before I get distracted and start on something else and NEVER have enough energy to complete what I’m attempting to do…So frustrated… :frowning:

well it’s gonna take time, i think you said you had a rupture like me and that takes longer recovery, more tired and so on. you should feel better soon but dont rush it, read a letter from your brain on here it’s great. When i came home i slept 2 months. little by little you get better in baby steps not big leaps like we would like, hang in there it get’s better.


i also had a rupture n was n hospital for 2 weeks n then sent home to recoop for 6 wks..i was tired alot, took alot of naps..but learned to listen to my body...our brains n body have just went thru a major trauma..take it slow n easy..my rupture was 2 yrs ago n i still love a nice napp every now n then...try not to get frustrated, rushing the process of recovery might set u back...just like laurie said"baby steps" :) keeping u n my prayers for a steady recovery along w/ many yrs of great health n happiness..your gonna be fine...God bless n take care

The energy level for me is hard and very frustrating for me tooo. I hope we both can regain our strength soon. Praying for you too!


Wow, I just read your story... And I'm so happy your alive and well.. I didnt have a rupture, just a clipping of my un-ruptered annie.. 15 weeks ago.. And I'm still so very tired.. It's a tough road at times, and it sucks.. But I'm here to tell ya that venting DOES make you feel better.. :) Hang in there, it will be better soon..



I call those days my bone tired days!! It literally feels like my bones are too tired to stay together!

Remember you just had brain surgery and you need to rest rest rest!

There is a leter that I posted here recently (I didn't write it, but I do refer to it daily) that you should read, called A Letter from Your Brain. You should read that and heed it's advise. It's by far something that has helped a lot of us to get through the tough days.

Best wishes,