Recovery seems so slow

Hi everyone,

I had a brain aneurysm on the 2nd of September which was clipped. I was in the CCU for 15 days and am home now, recovering. I am so frustrated that recovery seems very slow! I cry alot at nothing it seems and I feel like I am moving backward on some days, rather than forward. I want to feel like me again and it seems like I only see glimpses of myself at times. I cannot return to my old job and worry about if I will ever be able to work again. I wonder how long this recovery thing lasts?

im 2 yrs anny free oct 13th 2009…ruptured anny…lucky to of been 4 blks from hospital…each new day is a good day n a gift from above…try not 2 rush n be sure to rest all you can…napps r great…embrace the new you…n when u feel down remember ur lucky to still be here…wishing u a patient recovery n God bless

Thank you for your replies, I was feeling a little down today and guess I just needed to hear from some people who have been there. I have been doing pretty well at not letting this get me down- but I guess today it just snuck up on me. I appreciate the words of encouragement! Thanks!

Be patient with yourself. My rupture was Aug 2010.....and reading what you have written it feels like yesterday......I had never tried alternative medicine but someone on this site suggested Energy healing and I thought, why not? It was the best thing I did for myself on my road to recovery. It was the first time I felt like "me"..

Things will get better everyday. You will be tired for a very long while, so take the naps your body needs it. I hope you have family or friend support as that can be a great comfort as well as this time.

I found that from all the napping I had sore muscels and MILD yoga stretches really helped with that. I also have taken up meditation ( which takes awhile to get into) but worth it. It lets you take a mini vacation from all your thoughts...and hopefully some of your pain.

Sending you healing thoughts and you will be in my prayers....

It will get better....


Hi Kayla,

I had my aneurysm clipped on September 1, 201l one day after my 53rd birthday. Yesterday, I had my 6wks post op doc visit -I am not able to return to work at this time. I am learning to be patient with myself and learning to accept the "new me"

I currently have headaches and will be seeing a pain specialist next week-I will learn pain management techniques and be prescribed different medications. I also am very emotional and cry a lot-I will be seeing a therapist to work on my current issues: Self, family and work. Even though I am living this most challenging journey of my life-I find immense joy and happiness when I am with my two grandchildren-Tegan age-two and Mason 5-months. I am learning recovery will take time and lots of rest. Also, each day is a blessing. My doc says it will get better-we will get better.

Kayla, you are in my thoughts and prayers, take care.


Hi Kayla…First…count your blessings…you are home and alive…secondly, this is a long journey sweetie…and takes patience and lots of rest…your brain is healing…don’t get overwhelmed…just take the time to heal now…so things will be better for you in the future…Lastly, you have my prayers and healing thoughts…Colleen


I know how you feel I suffered an aneurysm the end of August and wish they had clipped mine but they did the coil embolization the healing takes time and is longer but your procedure is permanent and little risk of another rupture. I was able to crotchet and do cross stitch which really helped me keep my mind busy while resting and recuperating. Are there any hobbies you could enjoy that would not overstress while you rest and recuperate? Also, read some of the suggestions regarding the memory book on this website they provide good pointers and how the repetition will help you to relearn things. Be patient and ask your family/caegivers to read what to expect on this website as well

I had a brain aneurysm rupture on July 15, 2011, which was coiled. I received “all clear” at the dr. yesterday, but I still don’t feel “normal” and it has been almost three months. I feel a lot better now. It took about six weeks for my headaches to decrease in intensity. So far I have only had two headache free days. I understand how you feel because I felt and still continue to feel that way now. Depression seems to be normal, at least that is what my Dr. said. Recovery is slow, but things get better. I will return to work on Monday, which might be the cause for some of my current depression. I am a teacher and am worried about going back to work. But maybe going back to work is what I need to do to move forward. Since you currently can’t go back to work and it is way to early for you anyway, maybe you need to look into some hobby. Good luck to you.

it’s all part of the healing process, remember you need to slow down and let things heal, we can’t rush it.If you had a rupture it takes a while where just clipping is quicker and dont forget we all dont heal the same.

thats what i need a hobby, thanks for reminding me.

Everyone has had some very helpful comments here. I am so glad I found this site- it has really helped me when I am feeling a little a low. I am spending a little time on my painting hobby (can't do it for very long) and want to learn some basic yoga for relaxation and stability. But most of all, the reminders to just slow down and let it be what it is help me to know that it will all happen in its own time. Wishing recovery and health to all of you who are on this journey as well!


I don't know who the author of the following is, but this letter has helped me on the many days I try to push myself and wonder why I'm not healing fast enough. I have it posted everywhere, on my fridge on my cubicle at work, at my computer. I hope it does the same for you!

Best wishes,


A Letter From Your Brain


I'm glad to see that you are awake! This is your brain talking. I had to find some way to communicate with you. I feel like I barely survived WWIII and am still not quite all in one piece. That's why I need you. I need you to take care of me.

As time passes and you and I feel better and better, people, even doctors, will tell you that we are fine, "it's time to get on with life." That sounds good to me and probably even better to you. But before you go rushing back out into that big wide world, I need you to listen to me, really listen. Don't shut me out. Don't tune me out. When I'm getting into trouble I'll need your help more than I ever have before.

I know that you want to believe that we are going to be the same. I'll do my best to make that happen. The problem is that too many people in our situation get impatient and try to rush the healing process; or when their brains can't fully recover they deny it and, instead of adapting, they force their brains to function in ways they are no longer able too. Some people even push their brains until they seize, and worse... I'm scared. I'm afraid that you will do that to me. If you don't accept me I am lost. We both will be lost.

How can I tell you how much I need you now? I need you to accept me as I am today... not for what I used to be, or what I might be in the future. So many people are so busy looking at what their brains used to do, as if past accomplishments were a magical yardstick to measure present success or failures, that they fail to see how far their brains have come. It's as if here is shame, or guilt, in being injured. Silly, huh?

Please don't be embarrassed or feel guilt, or shame, because of me. We are okay. We have made it this far. If you work with me we can make it even further. I can't say how far. I won't make any false promises. I can only promise you this, that I will do my best.

What I need you to do is this: because neither of us knows how badly I've been hurt (things are still a little foggy for me), or how much I will recover, or how quickly, please go s-l-o-w-l-y when you start back trying to resume your life. If I give you a headache, or make you sick to your stomach, or make you unusually irritable, or confused, or disoriented, or afraid, or make you feel that you are overdoing it, I'm trying to get your attention in the only way I can. Stop and listen to me.

I get exhausted easily since being hurt, and cannot succeed when overworked. I want to succeed as much as you do. I want to be as well as I can be, but I need to do it at a different pace than I could before I got hurt. Help me to help us by paying attention and heeding the messages I send to you.

I will do my part to do my very best to get us back on our feet. I am a little worried though that if I am not exactly the same... you will reject me and may even want to kill us. Other people have wanted to kill their brains, and some people have succeeded. I don't want to die, and I don't want you to die.

I want us to live, and breath and be, even if being is not the same as it was. Different may be better. It may be harder too, but I don't want you to give up. Don't give up on me. Don't give up on yourself. Our time here isn't through yet. There are things that I want to do and I want to try, even if trying has to be done in a different way. It isn't easy. I have to work very hard, much harder, and I know that you do too. I see people scoff, and misunderstand. I don't care. What I do care about is that you understand how hard I am working and how much I want to be as good as I can be, but I need you to take good care of us, as well as you can do that.

Don't be ashamed of me. We are alive. We are still here. I want the chance to try to show you what we are made of. I want to show you the things that are really important in life. We have been given another chance to be better, to learn what is really important. When it is finally time for our final exit I would like to look back and feel good about what we made of us and out of everything that made up our life, including this injury. I cannot do it without you. I cannot do it if you hate me for the way being injured has affected me and our life together. Please try not to be bitter in grief. That would crush me.

Please don't reject me. There is little I can do without you, without your determination to not give up. Take good care of us and of yourself. I need you very much, especially now.


your wounded brain

Hi All,

This letter really helped me put my new life into perspective and to accept the "new me." Wishing everyone Peace, Healing and lots of rest.