I also Survivored

Hi everyone,

I just found this group. I'm so happy there is a place to chat with others that went through what I went through.

On August 21, 2013 I had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up and said I felt like an elephant was stepping on my head. I told my hubby I had to go to the ER. I'm 47 yrs old and I have 2 kids, 12 and 10.

The ER did a CT scan and sent me home with percots. I don't recall any of this, I vomited there and it's last i remember. They called my hubby back in the morning to bring me back to the hospitol that I had a bleeder. I woke up in the ICU after they put a hole in my head for it to drain. Then they had to put a shunt in. The doctors said I had smaller ones that could be clipped and it was elective surgery. I decided to do it. They couldn't clip them or coil them they were to small. Waking up from that surgery was my nightmare. I was on the breathing tube for 8 days. Then I had fluid leaking at the wound and they sewed me up. Finally I went to rehab and was able to come home. I was only home for 4 days and I started to vomit so I went back to the hospitol. I had hydrosyphillus with spinal fluid pooling in the back of my neck. I had to wait for surgery taking antibiotics. Then surgery to remove the shunt which wasn't working and they cleaned out my wound. Then we had to wait for the drain again to see if i needed another shunt. My numbers were good so they let me go home. This time they did CT scan to make sure no fluid built up.

I've been home since 11/4/13. I'm so thankful to be alive. I'm lucky I get to hug my kids. I had to learn to move again. I am so much slower then I was before. I take steps one at a time. I walk slower. But I can bathe and cook and drive. So I feel so lucky. I want to be better then I was before. I want to Live and help others. My emotions are on the edge, I want to cry alot. But I don't think I'm depressed. I feel grateful. I''m a church going lady and shared my story there.

My name is Lori :)

That is very scary stuff. I have kids and a single mom.I pray to god alot. I know that helps me .good luck with you gods watching out for you.

Hi Lori,

You story is inspiring! You are such a trooper and I'm sure your kids are very proud of you.

Hi Lori...Thank you for sharing your story...I am glad you are doing good for the most part...taking things "one day at a time" is the best ... I find I embrace my good days, but doing many things and I step back on my bad days and read, or watch a good movie and rest...it is truly learning to live life with our "new normal"...Glad you found our site...~ Colleen

My family is happy I'm home. I know i am still healing. I'm slower and have to think harder about things. But I'm here. I'm just crying now.......... months later. I guess just letting it out. I keep praying for God to watch over my family.

glad to be here.