How often?

I have a small aneurysm - a 2 cm pericollsal- how often do you get a scan done?

The MRI/As are done on a graduated basis they started out every few months, then once a year and now every two years. I’m hoping to reach the every five years. From what I have read on here, some folks on the w&w list get one every year or two, some five and even ten. I hope others will respond.

If I had my rathers, I’d rather not have another CT scan for as long as I’m around.

My wife had her last angiogram in 2015. In 2018 she had an MRA and should have another in three years. The MRA is nice because she does not have to return to Denver to do it. But her doctor says that her result is perfect. It was coiling with some more coiling and a stent six months later back in 2012.

Hey Moltroub

       "If I had my rathers, I’d rather not have another CT scan 
        for as long as I’m around."

Can you explain why? I’ve had issues with gadolinium contrast in the past but that was for an MRI. Also I can become a little claustrophobic within the MRI but haven’t had any such issues with CT scans.

I have scans every 2-3yrs on average but that’s just to keep an eye on things and not due to (presently) being on a W&W list.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

I agree with the idea that I want fewer CT scans to minimize my exposures to radiation, if at all possible. Since my aneurysm, I’ve had at least 10 CT scans of my head and 3 MRI-MRAs (which is less radiation than CT). No amount of radiation is completely safe. If it is medically necessary, of course I do it, but I ask a lot of questions about why they need it.

I had a 2mm aneurysm that was followed for 13 years via CT with contrast, every 5 years. I cannot have an MRI due to some other metal in my body. I did not have any problems with the contrast die and I glad it was followed since at year 13 it did grow. Had an angiogram, and it had grown a bit more (6mm). Just had it coiled last Friday!

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Sure Merl - I’ve had about three dozen or so, most in the first year or two with the rupture. None of my doctors argue that my possibility of acquiring brain cancer from the CT is low or impossible, none of them. CT scans put about 40x the radiation in my brain as compared to one X-ray. I realize in the last couple years here in the States there’s been a push to use the lowest amount of radiation possible, but that’s really subjective. The MRI will show any damage to bone, soft tissue etc. The MRA will show blood flow. Neither the MRI nor the MRA uses radiation, it’s all magnetic imagery. The issue is the CTs are faster and allegedly less expensive, I paid the same amount for either when I was on private insurance as well as now on Medicare, our government insurance.