How much weight will I be able to lift after healed from surgery

I had a ct after my kidney doctor realized that my mom and died from an aneurysm. I have polycystic kidney disease. two were found, one on each side, behind my eyes. went to a local neurosurgery doctor who refused to touch me. I was sent to Shreveport to .Dr. Nanda. He found another aneurysm in my left neck that he said had to be operated on before the year is out. I have have the left one clipped. Right sided weakness, numbers confuse occasionally, some memory loss at times. I go for the right brain aneurysm clipping May 21. Then I have to have my neck fixed. I need to know a weight limit for lifting. no info from my doctor. I was a nurse on a pedi, gyn, bariatrics floor, lifting at least 100 lbs. on a regular basis. I have no job waiting for me after my three months of recovery, even after 18 years of work for the hospital. I will have to be rehired if they have a position for me. It is required that I lift 100 lbs. to get a job. Does anyone have an answer for me?

I really ain’t sure I was told live my life as I would of done before the rupture so that is what I do sorry I cannot be of any more help yet I gave birth naturally after one year and one month after rupture and about nine months after second op to clip another aneurysm I had.

Hi Marlene...I was told after coiling surgery I was to lift nothing more than 20 pounds...I still have one that is unruptured and they are I am very careful as to what I lift...I don't want any pressure on that eye or face...or basically my head...the best person to answer you ... is your Neurologist~