Heavy lifting

Hello everyone,

We finally found a house. I am concerned about lifting and carrying heavy boxes. I have a 5mm unruptured aneurysm. My doctor didn't give me any lifting restrictions but from some things I've read on here I'm not sure what to do or not do. Any weight limit I should be concerned about?



Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Many friends make for light lifting. Reach out, you might be surprised how many people may help you. At 5mm I would play it cautious and avoid any heavy lifting or anything that causes increased blood pressure. Have a stress free Thankgiving!

Even with my repaired aneurysm, they told me no lifting above 25 lbs and absolutely no "jerk" lifting, meaning sudden lifting or jerky movements that would cause a sudden change in blood pressure.

Be careful and I agree with Ed, lots of people will be willing to help when you let them know your situation.

Good luck and don't take chances..stay safe



Ditto what both Ed and Cec have said. Be very careful, you don't want to spike your blood pressure in any way. My doc did tell me to avoid any situation that involves heavy lifting and heavy straining of any type. I had a 9mm that was repaired with a PED and I have a 2mm watch and wait.

Better safe than sorry! Happy Thanksgiving and let others carry those heavy boxes!!


Double Ditto to lifting...before I had my coiling...told not to lift over 20 lbs...and even now...I have a small annie that hasn't been repaired...I donot or try not to lift very heavy things...

You too Deanna...a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's...! Congrats on the new House...!

well as i was told stop and think should i do that??? My answer would be no. I would say anything over 10 lbs.

Thanks everyone, I will follow this great advise. My daughters aren't going to like this news. It means more work for them.

I am very thankful for this site.



Great, now your daughters can enlist their friends, and their friends, see!

Enjoy Thankgiving.

Hi Deanna: I also have an unruptured annie 3mm, doc said no heavy lifting. Since mine is small, he didn't make too big a deal out of it. It's probably best to check with your doc so you know what's best for you. Take care and congrats on the house! Mitch

Thanks, Ed. Enjoying it so far.



Thanks. When mine was smaller I didn't even think about it. But now that it has grown, it's more of a concern. I'll check with my doctor to see what he says.