Untreatable brain aneurysms

anyone given this dx,given 20lb weight limit

To be Honest Dee...I am anxious to hear other reply's...I have been at BAF for 2 years and haven't found anyone saying there is a weight limit to surgery on an aneurysm...I think I would have to get a second opinion...Hope you have more reply's...~ Colleen

After the PED was placed, I think it was stated in my discharge papers not to lift anything over 10 lbs., but that was following placement.

Hi Dee! i was told not to lift anything heavier than a newspaper after recoiling & not even sure about current limits

Dee,I was told not to lift anything heavier than a newspaper for about 3 months after my procedure.

Take care, Shelley

Hi, Dee. Nope, not given this restriction post aneurysm repair. Still have one, the doc is monitoring. Curious, why is your aneurysm untreatable (if I may ask). (:>

I was not told that before mine was treated, and I was told by one set of doctors that mine was inoperable. Went to Emory, Dr. Dan Barrow and he did a craniotomy 10 yrs ago. You should get a second, or if needed third opinion. There is so much they can do now. Keep us posted. Robyn

Oh shoot…I got this wrong Dee…sorry …you are asking about 20 lb weight limit and I thought it was over a non~operable annie…so sorry…yes…I was told not to lift anything over 20lbs…and no straining…~Colleen