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Hoping to Insipire

Hello all. Five years ago last month, I was diagnosed with a 5mm aneurysm in my anterior communicating artery. Five years ago Thursday, I underwent surgery to clip the aneurysm.

As I'm sure many of understand, the overwhelming emotion in my life during that time was fear. The diagnosis was so foreign, so terrifying to me, that I naturally assumed that it was a death sentence, and even if it weren't, that my life would never be what it was before the diagnosis.

I spent the bulk of the time between diagnosis and surgery scouring the internet for happy stories. During that time, I promised myself that if I had a full recovery and returned to the very active lifestyle I live out here in Aspen, CO, that I would find a way to share it with the aneurysm community.

Luckily, two things happened between then and now. First, I was blessed to make a complete recovery, though as you likely know all too well, the road back was anything but easy. Second, during that time I was fortunate enough to be hired as a tax writer for, giving me the perfect platform to share my story on Thursday.

I really, really hope this story gives hope to those who feel hopeless, strength to those who feel defeated, and faith to those who feel lost.

My story is here:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and the world, Tony! It is very easy to get trapped in our own fears and be swallowed up by them. I am looking forward to getting back out there and being as active as I was before the aneurysm.

thank you Tony- I needed that-it was certainly inspirational. I am 4 yrs post sah and leary if i'll get back to any form of normalcy. With posts like this I will continue. I'm curious tho why did you choose my Nuero so far away?


Thank you so much for sharing your story... it is magnificent in addition to your personal success, the benefit to your wife, children and your family.

Additionally, it so supports my belief in the benefits of the long-standing open surgery / clip and by a renowned neurosurgeon. You also were blessed with a doctor who did not end initial diagnosis with a pharma migraine drug...You, and your doctors are truly inspirational.

I am one who had the minimally invasive coiling...

Again, thank you, it is delightful to read your story...w/prayers it is helpful to those in their decision process.


“Perhaps you’ll be the one to inspire us.”

You are an inspiration, Tony- Thank you for sharing-D


My ER was from a black-out over cement...getting to ER w/a severely fractured shoulder dominated ER interest...none of the breaking of the brain did...

I was given surgery to pin my shoulder together...before the second emergency...yet w/no interest in the breaking of the brain... should have been looking for the braking of it...

My third ER was the day before my appointment w/orthopedic surgeon to set the pin took 29 days to survive these three ER... the third was wonderful...

Dana, please tell your hubby as the baby of four sisters, "I get both" was typical...

Then, thank you for the reminder of saying "Happy Mother's Day to all"...


Thanks for sharing Tony. This article comes at a very crucial time for me . In 12 hours I will be on the OR table for my 3 mm aneurysm clipping. Trying to stay positive. I have lots of plans with my kids and family for the summer and hope to complete all...

Thanks Ashhan. As soon as you feel up for it, please let me know how you're feeling post-surgery.

All done.doi g OK considering. Being monitored for mild CSF leak.anticipate discharge tomorrow

Ashhan, so glad to see you !

To echo Janet- so glad to see you here- continue healing

Terrific article! Thanks

Unfortunately have a lumbar drain. being monitored for 2-3 days.could really use prayers for recovery without additional problems

Again Welcome to BAF ~

Your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. ~ Colleen