Just checking in after 5 years

Wow. I have not been on this site in 5 years but I lived on it for a few and it brought me through some really tough times. I am a survivor of a rupture aneurism in I think 2004. I do have some minor issues - dates being one of them. I initially had it coiled and they discovered a much smaller one that was coiled. My original ruptured aneurism did show steady minor growth for at least 4 or 5 years. They coiled and recoiled numerous times and stented it. My ex wife could tell you exactly how many times they coiled but I loss track. It was at least 6 times they recoiled and in the last procedure they added a stent. I have now dropped back to MRI every 2 years and come to think of it I must be due for one soon. I have put the experience behind me. The last procedure they did was touch and go and my wife at that time was told I had suffered a stroke during the procedure and would have left side paralysis. I kind of wondered why there was so much attention paid to me after the procedure. I fooled them by waking up feeling fine. Maybe a little numbness on the left side but nothing to complain about. I was focussed on zero growth and perhaps I have now obtained it. I will not really know until the next measurement. My Dr who I trust explicitly and I pushed for treatment aggressively was very firm after the last procedure he could coil no more. If there was growth the best they could do was monitor. With that statement I pushed it out of my life. I knew that the Dr and I had done all we could do. I was satisfied that I had given the dime sized bastard a real run for his money and was happy to say if he caught me it was not for lack of fight. Life got simpler then. It was not defeat. It was simply the time to put down the weapons and wait to observe the results of the war. With that thought I pushed my battle out of my mind and out of my life and continued on with my life. No more would it consume me. It is what it is and let’s see the results. Well, I’m still here. Who knows maybe it has grown but why do I want to know? There are better treatments now but all my previous treatments wiped out the possibility of newer treatments. I’m not sure I want to know the score in the game if I can’t effect the outcome. Does that make sense to anyone?

It makes perfect sense to me. Congrats on taking those steps forward in life!

Totally agree. Whether you know it or not you are a warrior, congrats! I still have a baby annie left in there and have taken the same attitude.

Clear as a NC sky! Why let something you can’t control run your life? Good for you in taking a winning attitude!

I had another aneurysm after 6 years and my original coiled rupture aneurysm required a stand and additional coil treatment. I chose to get both clipped so I did not have to keep getting them fixed. One year out and doing great. I work full time as IT Project Manager and running a 5K on Saturday. Its all about living life :) keep rolling on!

R.Craig and BZMom, I'm Seenie from Moderator Support

I drop by here every now and again to see whether there's anything that I can help the moderators with. (The folks here are so good, there's rarely anything for me to do!) I couldn't help but notice your post, and I want to thank you for coming back here to check in. In doing so, and telling your story, you are helping every single person who reads what you said. Your determination, your attitude and your spirit are an inspiration!

I'm featuring this thread to give it a bit more exposure. The more people read success stories, the better.

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It makes perfect sense to me also. I am not looking forward to Moms first MRI after her aneurysm/stroke.

I really like to hear about long time Warriors....enjoy the days.....