Being Home again!

I came home from the hospital yesterday and since then I do think that things are going ok..I have had the ocassional memory lose but nothing yet that would have a lasting effect..I slept the best last night in 12 days..Feel great to get some undisturbed sleep!!!!

My husband took me out this morning to pick up all my meds..We walked in town and the fresh air I think was also a good thing..I am a little tired and maybe have done a little too much so early but I needed to try...My head aches a little but not so bad as I first thought it would..It's more like a pain that comes and lasts a few minutes then goes away for a bit...Showers feel the best!!!...

To all of my new friends, I hope that you are all doing well and if your recovering then I hope and pray that you are doing it by leaps and bounds!!..Thoughts and Prayers to All!!!



Hi Kim…God Bless sweetie…keep on getting better…and know you remain in my Thoughts and prayers…I get coiled this coming Tuesday…and keeping it as positive as I can…Hugs Colleen

Hi Colleen,

You will be in my thoughts and prayers this coming week. Everything will be just fine. A positive attitude is the key, I firmly believe this!!!.
Just remember take it slow and take it one day at a time…Huge Hugs, Kimberley

Hi Kimberley, just seem the photos which you have uploaded since you came out of hospital. Considering what you have just been through you are looking pretty good! Thinking of you, keep smiling. Caro

Great news Kimberley and glad to hear you are doing well. Colleen will be keeping you in my thought and prayers for this coming week. Rest is key to all of this!

I have a short term memory but had used a day runner for YEARS & done on site genealogical research. (Net does NOT count). I’d really like to leave my E if ANY of yall can follow it as I don’t know how or if U can desktop this site. Being blind in one eye is a challenge! As to attitude: It’s all up to prayer. The GRACE of GOD.

I have trouble finding FACEBOOK. THAT’s the site I’d REALLY like to desktop.

marianne_39506 (my old zip in Gulfport, MS @ hot.

PS: Marianne Rankin again aka sILVER bELLE is there a way to desktop Facebook? I am now blind in one eye. However: I WALK now!

I keep this whole group in my prayers. The Grace of God & I are on a 1st name bases.

glad to hear you u r doin so well just remember to take it slow n easy and just like ur doin now be sure to rest…napps are very welcomed and fundamentak in recovery…ive learned to kove them…keep up the progress and will keep u in my prayers for complete recovery…God bless