HOMe and Less

How does anyone work at home? I am postsurgery and have less mobility less secure
in walking w/o supervision

Oh dear, are things better for you now?

I’d rely on mobile apps to notify others if I will be alone whether walking or simply being alone at home.

There are a lot of ‘gps’ monitoring apps out there. I’m using a free app LIFE360 (android). All you need to do is to configure your phone and invite those you want to notify to join your little circle of friends. Strangers won’t be able to join your group or know where you are.

I ask all my circle members to turn their GPS location on so the app can notify them where I am at.

This should help those who are physically away from you to track your location.

(Some are nervous that Life360 will know your GPS locations. You can switch it on whenever you are alone, and turn it off when you don’t want to ‘share’ your locations.

Good luck on your recovery. May you recover with peace and confidence.

Sorry about late reply. It took a long time to admit I am injured and disabled. Most of my friends have left for fear of contagion, I guess. I do have my phone on so I can call husband. Thanks though

GlendaD, We have iPhones and keep our location on for my niece, nephew, BIL and 2 friends and each other since I ruptured. They like to track me. At least they know where my phone is roflol. I see it’s been two years since you initially asked the question. I hope you have tried PT

I have tried PT, thx. Still tping w one finger on L hand. Really irritating cuz I used to type pretty fast.

Thanks for your ideas. Glad you have family near-ish.

Blue skies,


Blue skies to you as well Ms. Glenda! My niece and nephew are in CA, we are in NC roflol

Beautiful place that NC. I have a friend that lives there. Far cry from WWa.

I am grateful for the interaction.

My salutation is blue skies, because we don’t them have very often. Lots of grey.


We have what they call Carolina Blue Skies. It really seems to be a different color of blue than on the west coast. We went and stayed in WWA in June a couple of years ago. I think it rained every day. Some days more than others. I loved the low humidity we experienced!

Nice! Clouds can dampen ones’ spirit… already calm damaged.

Thanks for listening. Hope you have a good weekend

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Hi all, I just moved back to NC. I am doing so much better. My therapist and I thinks it was a great decision to move back here. It’s nothing like the Carolina blue ski. I love it!!!

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