Home after the coiling/stent

I had a really rough time in the hospital, was in ICU for 2 days and they weren't sure if I could go home the 3rd day, but I faked it and they let me go home. The headaches were horrible - nothing the dr gave me was working. I asked for Fiorecet, but he said what he was giving me was much stronger (Oxycodone, dilaudid), but those didn't work. I have also had horrible pains in my stomach, hips, etc. and still can't walk real steadily. In the end, the Fiorecet was the only thing that helped the headaches.

The MRA after the surgery showed that the aneurysm was fixed - Yay!



So glad your surgery was a success and that you are home recuperating! You are a brain annie survivor!! Please remember to rest, rest and more rest and keep us posted on your recovery.

I will keep you in my prayers


Good news on the Annie fix. I was told only feriocet could be used…headache from coiling lasted one month for me and then every few days for six months. I found an ice pack on my forehead and rest helped too…
Cyber healing thoughts your way colleen


I'm so glad that your surgery was a success . Now on to recovery . Please listen to your body ,rest more than you think you should and pamper yourself . Don't get too impatient . Recovery and getting back to "normal"will happen but your brain has a mind of its own (ha ha ) in this area so be patient . You have been in my thoughts and prayers



So glad to hear you are at home and the surgery is behind you. Now rest, a lot! Your brain needs it. Prayers for a full and fast recovery.


That is such good news to hear you are aneurysm free! Best wishes for a restful recovery. Kelly

Good result !
Rest and a take care of you.

glad ur feeling better, were u ready to be home yet…? please call someone/dr if those symptoms persist…listen to ur body please n i pray for healing n good health for many yrs 2 come…love n prayers coming ur way!

Thanks to all - I don't have the energy to answer each one individually! Thursday night I thought the worst was over, then overnight thought my cough/cold was turning into pneumonia. Went to the doctor - bad sinus infection in the back of my sinuses and throat, lungs clear and now on antibiotics. I still feel much stronger than a few days ago.

But, really bummed about the snow storm today - predicting anywhere from 5-9". I always have to shove the yard for my mini dachshund! I hope a neighbor takes pity on me and helps!

I understand that lack of energy..Glad you are feeling some better.



Please please please do not attempt to shovel any snow!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you are feeling better, I worry for you.


Sherri --sit back and enjoy the snow … we’re expecting it here as well. Rest as much as you can and feel free to have friends and family do a lot for you … shoveling, cooking (or delivering meals), laundry, and even unloading the dishwasher! Sometimes I felt guilty not doing everything myself since I looked okay but deep down I knew I was tired and the brain was healing. Prayers are being sent your way for a quick recovery.


Don't push yourself. Just when you think it's ok to start doing more , wham, your body tells you absolutely not. I have a new visual area, Instead of looking down and seeing everything that you feel you need to do, my visual area is from the neck up. That way ,for now , you don't see much : ] Please know that rest is first the rest can wait .



sorry to hear about your headaches; prayers for you thrilled to see that your mra was good!

wow they let u out fast. i was in the hospital 6 wks after i had the coiling. and on oxy for 6 wks and anti nausea medication

Too late - just a little, though, and my head has been paying for it. (Could also be the cold I have endured without heat due to the storm)!!

I am starting to learn that Joan. How did you endure during the storm? Do you have electric? Mine just came back on early morning, thank God.

Just curious, Colleen - I know the doctor said to not lift anything more than 10 lbs for a week. I had assumed this was for the artery in my groin. Am I correct?

Did you have a rupture? Mine did not rupture. The doc originally told me that I could go home the evening after the surgery, but that didn’t happen. Once they got the headaches under control, they let me go.