Coiling procedure on Wed

hi guys,

I’m having my coiling procedure on wed and wanted to hear your stories (positive ones).

I’m very nervous, like really nervous. Is it that bad?


Congrats, Bloomsie. I say this because it is so worth it to know that the annie has been taken care of after the surgery. The surgery isn't that bad - we all were really nervous prior to it and we all react differently.

My basilar tip annie was coiled and stented in October, 2011 - my annual followup in October was good for another year! The absolutely best advice that I was given prior to my surgery was a recommendation for a migraine medicine. Several people told me to ask for Fioricet and the doctors tried everything else, including the strongest narcotics available (for some reason, my doctor didn't think it would work). In the end, what worked was Fioricet and Oxycodone, which I used both for the first few weeks. I know some people who weren't bothered by bad headaches - I was, but it was under control and only lasted for 3-4 weeks. Fatigue is also usual - just give yourself the luxury of taking naps. All will get better and you will feel so relieved afterward.

Let us know how you are afterward - we will be thinking of you. Sherri

My husband had his brain aneurysm coiled, probably different circumstances (it was ruptured). The good news- the procedure was successful and no complications! The interventional radiologist went through the groin and put platinum coils in the bulging artery in the brain. Understandably you are nervous, who wouldn’t be? Just think that this is a necessary procedure (I was thankful my husband could have this rather than brain surgery).
Confident your coiling will be successful my thoughts and prayers for peace and full recovery. Please keep us informed on your progress.


Had mine coiled at Cleveland clinic. My surgery went very well. Recovery was the hard part for me. Had terrible headache right after surgery then turned into migraine. Pain meds plus surgery makes me very nauseous. Dr ordered Percocet which was not strong enough for the pain I was feeling. Even the morphine didn’t help the first night. They sent me home with fiorcet which caused me rebound headaches. The fatigue was the hardest for me, I couldn’t believe how little I could do. Rest restless rest is the best thing for you after surgery. Good luck.

My first coiling was an emergency due to rupture but when I had the second coiling to add more due to compaction it was like night and day. You should be fine. Any headaches I had afterwards were relatively minor compared to the ones with the SAH. I didn’t react well to the anesthesia and now know to not have them give me dilaudid alone or in combination with anything else. Again that’s just me and that doesn’t mean your surgeon will use that or even if they did you might be ok with it. It works well but made me nauseous so no sooner were they wheeling me to recovery then I was vomiting into a tray! The only other thing I had an issue with was peeing after and needed a catheter but other than that you just need to take it easy and rest. Couple of days in the hospital and then home. Good luck with it and let us know how it goes!

I agree with wendy. my first coiling was after a rupture and sah, went back in 6 months later for another coiling on a second aneurysm and it was like night and day. I was on blood thinners because they used a stent as well so the bruising wasnt good, but after a couple of weeks resting up I felt good and the bruising was almost gone. They will knock you out so there's not much to worry about, the next thing you know you're in recovery room for a while before going to a ward. the worst part is lying still afterward for hours which can be rough on your back. The nerves are the worst part but you'll be out before you know it and it's all pretty easy after that. Good luck, it will be over before you know it!

Bloomsie, I had a second coiling after my SAH. I was nervous but it was “a walk in the park” so to speak. Went in, had procedure, spent the night in ICU, home the next day. I was more afraid of spending another month in hospital but that didn’t happen. I was really tired for about a week or two - just took longer naps!