Hello, I had my aneurysm clipped 12~19~2007, I under went clipping of the right carotid ophthalmic artery.First of all I have a wonderful Husband, family and friends. My surgery went really well. WOW! I cant believe it was almost four years It seems as though it was just a few months ago in some ways but in other ways it has been a long long road but a successful one. I had a more than amazing surgeon. People say I am very lucky and don't get me wrong I think that as well. I've just had a lot of sadness in my life to be here today. I lost my younger sis to a brain aneurysm that ruptured 06~20~2007 just a few months before we found mine. It just doesn't seem fair (life.) I love and miss her dearly.I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Anyways I was having a few headaches. I went into see my primary care physician for a checkup. Long visit, she couldn't seem to find a reason for the headaches. She started asking me questions about life in general. We talked a bit. Myself I thought maybe I was depressed because of the loss I had just suffered but that wasn't all. I told her about my sister. Immediately that day she sent me over to have a MRI with contrast. That was a Friday afternoon I was on my way out of town to visit some friends on the Oregon coast. We had to drive over the mountain and some how the message from my doctor got lost. I called first thing Monday morning for the results. I guess their was a purpose for that as well. Yes, I had an aneurysm behind my right eye. After praying and more praying and long talks with educating my self and family we had decided to scheduled the surgery. All went really well after 5 hours of surgery and the longest night of my life. I say this because having brain surgery they don't put you all the way under. Oh, don't worry you wont feel a thing. The nurse is by your side for the next 24 hours asking you silly questions. I stayed 4 days in the hospital and got out on Christmas eve. What a Christmas gift to be alive and going home to family and friends. Since then all checkups have shown things are good. Thank God! Then I lost my job of 9 years and was told it was due to the economic down side. I have not been back to the Doctor in the last 2 years due to no health insurance. But since then I have some very serious lets call them "symptoms" since I don't know if they are related to my aneurysm surgery. All started off very few but as time goes by the symptoms are more frequent. Its become an everyday thing to look forward too or not.
*Short term memory loss very often,

* I'm always fitigued 99% of the time.

*I get mixed up easy. My since of direction (well I have none.) I get lost in the same small town I have lived all my life.
*I'm a prisoner inside my darkened home.
Sincativity too:
*movement all give me sever migraines.
*I'm very tired all the time even first thing in the morning.
*My right eyelid sags over my eye (more so when I'm tired or a migraine.
*I'm in pain all the time now. My whole body hurts.
*I'm dizzy upon standing and will fall if I close my eyes. I fell last night with my eyes open. I loose my balance easy.
*My big concern is my bottom lip is blue and turns more blue throughout the day. I'm suspecting not enough oxygen? I use to have some good days but not anymore all are bad ones.Its getting scary first of all to wake up and second of all the feeling of another painful bad day. I don't like to complain. It seems I've kind of worn that out along time ago.
I think some how this is all connected just don't know how. I was wondering if anyone else has any of these symptoms. I know the first thing you ALL are going to say is get to the Doctor. Well its not that easy. I have no insurance and anything to do with the BRAIN is very expensive.$$$$$$$. Sorry for the long story and forgive me for my bad English for I have forgotten how to spell and write since my issue with short term memory loss started.Did I mention forgetful???? This is the first time for me on any web chat. Let me know if anyone has had anything like this. I'm very desperate in knowing if anyone else has this going on.
Thank you for your time

Hi there alĺ the symptoms you have mentioned could be due to an aneurysm but they also point towards anxiety, try not to worry drink plenty of water and don’t stress when you feel the symptoms start sit down breathe and think happy nice thoughts and if you start to feel better I would say anxiety and panic are causing it. There was a free online course “epp online” it lasts six weeks for roughly two hours it helped me alot mine ruptured in 2002.


First thing Thank you, Ya, I already went through the anxiety thing a few years ago. I actually had an attack in a doctors office. Scary I'll tell you. I thought I was having a heart attack. Been there and done that. But I'm going to look into the "epp online" it can't hurt anything only help. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks again,


Again Leanna I think you need to see a neurologist or at least an internist...You know You better than anyone...I donot like saying it is anxiety because too many said this to me...and I was very sick for many years and it turned out alot to do with my aneurysm and other illness's...

I told you to talk to the social worker at the Hospital...also, if you have a University Hospital close to may want to talk to "patient advocate and/or social worker there..." one of the Doctors may take you on pro~bono since they are a teaching hospital...just a thought...gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

dont worry about the long story, look to better days. And try to be happy, i have alot of what you have but i grown use to it not that i like it but i'm very happy to be alive.

i know everyone is different but i got told by 2 neurologist they cant help me and it took my husband telling me this is how i am for me to see why they cant help me. They blame all i have on anxiety and i'm just so tired of it.

Hello Laurie,

Let me tell you this one. ANXIETY story.I had a something going on almost 3 years ago in February. When I stood up my pulse would go high and I would feel as though I would blackout. My head would hurt like drums were in my head playing . You could only imagine. I knew this was not normal because on the 1st day I went to one of the nurses at work to get my blood pressure checked. I thought it was that. I was told to go back to my desk and call the doctor. My blood pressure was real low but my pulse was sky high. This went on for a couple days at home. Finally my body could not stand it any longer My head was pulsing the drums and I could not stand it so I had my husband take me to ER. They took me right in. Ran all sorts of test, I saw the on duty doctor whom said he saw the problem with my pulse just laying in bed he said my pulse was so high it was as though I was running a marathon laying perfectly still in a hospital bed. They could see the problem(Rapid pulse) but didn't know what was causing it. I was admitted to the hospital while test after test was ran. I felt like I was a science project but that was ok with me because I wanted to know why and what was causing this. I was told lay as still an I could and don't get up without help. Laying flat the my pulse was higher than normal. But as soon as my head was tilted up or like raise the bed it would sky rocket. I saw a all sorts of Doctors a neurologist, cardiologist, internist, all were baffled with no answers as to why is was happening. Passed of from one doctor to another. The internet finally kept me a his patient but still no answers. They gave me meds to relax me and still it no changes. The internist came in on the 5th day says I'm going to release you but I have a list of things I want you to do. Any questions he says? Yes why is this happening? He says he they have no clue. He sent me to a specialist~An internal medicine doc, a Cardiologist, My primary dr. Still this is happening at all the doctors offices but all test were normal. I was so thankful I was double covered on the insurance part. Didn't need to worry about that. Needless to say lots of tests after 3 weeks to a month things started to settle down in my body. But very scared as to what was going on. No answers, everyone would give me the same thing we dont know what it is but you have something going on. I was told well it could be POTS~Postural Orthostatic Tachycardiait could beCFS~Chronic fatigue syndrome Pheochromocytoma All in all I had a tilt table test, 3 EKG, blood test over and over. All after 6 months and the symptoms finally disappeared I was told "well come back in when it happens again." All we can tell you have now is Stress and Anxiety. WOW you think????????????????????????? No answers. So I was told that I have ANXIETY. I think that when they have no answers for you they blame is ANXIETY. so you see another one to blame on anxiety. I know I have anxiety. I have excepted that. I have excepted that I have problems and that is me and that is how I will always be. I totally understand how you feel Laurie and we are a lot a like. I am so grateful I'm alive. I try to keep myself busy. I know there is more to it than anxiety. Blue lips, Migraines, shortness of breath, forgetfulness. Getting lost in a town you have lived in all your life???? I am not who I was 5 years ago. I'm loosing myself. I'm scared. My husband told me the other day "Babe do you have things written down of your personal things and who they will go too" if something should happen to me. I'm afraid that tomorrow I will wake up and I will not know who I am and even worse who my loved ones are. I know My husband is scared to death I can see it in his eyes. I have put him through so much in the past 5 years and he is here for me each and every day with his love and open arms. I am so very grateful I have him, He is what I get out of bed for each day. Pain and all. A lot of bad painful days lately. Just take them day by day.

Thank you Laurie

i can really understand you, my dr said ITHINK, oh no dont think i dont wanna hear that, i do have anxiety also but at least take the time out to check stuff out, i had some cardio things done , blood, breathing test all nothing they even sent me to a urologist, lol. i try to take them day by day but all the rest piles on top. thanks.

I hear you for sure. We just have to take it day by day. Get plenty of rest and try not to let things get to us. Like you said try to think happy thoughts. I find that when I listen to music it makes me feel better. It seem to soothe me in some way. I listen to Pandora. Pretty much any kind except the hard stuff. One day maybe county the next relaxation~steams, birds and maybe Buddha the next. Sometimes I mix it all up. But mostly I have to be in the mood. Some times I have to have it quiet for consecration. I find when there a lot of things going on in the house it mixes me up. Not sure do you work? I don't know what you like but I like to go thrift store shopping. when I can get out. I buy older jewelry take it home take it apart and try and create new things with it. Since I can't work anymore.

This does a few things for me.

*It allows me to be creative and use my brain.

*It gives me purpose in life~ something to do when I feel up to it.

*I can do it in my own time.

thanks for listening.


Hi again anxiety can come back at anytime. I hope you find out what is causing it soon.