Help nose bleed!

Hi, does anyone else experience nosebleeds? Are they a symptom of a problem with an aneurism? I have an unruptured anneurism an am scheduled for coiling on wednesday so I am on plavix- maybe that’s why I’m bleeding? Please help- im very afraid that something is happening - thanks, Heather

i will go to the dr asap and check stuff out.

Heather-I think you need to contact your doctor about this. It may be the Plavix or the anuerysm, depending on its location. I had mine in my right internal carotid artery, cavernous sinus segment, and was told by one doctor if it bled, would probably get a nose bleed. However, this time of year, depending on where you live, if you have the heat on, it may be drying your sinuses and b/c of the Plavix, your sinuses may be irritated and bleed...but always best to check with your doctor! Good luck and keep us posted. ((((HUGS))))


Hi Cece, the bleeding stopped so I just waited and am doing fine- i dreaded another trip to the ER although I would go if need be of course:) I live in detroit and we are starting to turn our heat on around here so I think it must have been that- so funny how little things are so scary! Thanks for the responses- you too Laurie;) now just til Wednesday;)Heather

Heather-prayers coming your way sweetie....Will be thinking of you and praying for you for tomorrow....I know how important the power of prayer is, I fully believe the prayers of my family and friends are what pulled me through! You will be fine, and relieved once this is behind you. I know I surgery was elective and I feel so much more at ease, though I do have some headaches, but that's to be expected when people go poking around in your brain! Make sure you REST, REST and then REST some more afterwards....don't push yourself, and listen to your body and your brain. Take it slowly and you will keep moving forward....I am 8 days out, and still resting, but I have the luxury of not working full time. Just try to take it slow and easy, and put yourself first! Sending (((((HUGS)))), prayers, good vibes and thoughts your way girl!


Cece- it’s super encouraging to know you are only eight days out and well wishing!!! Thank you for the encouragement I am inspired by you;) and sending prayers back your way!!! Heather