Blood clots coming out my nose!

I know this is gross, but I just felt the need to blow my nose and out popped 2 huge blood clots. A surprise to me since I am on Plavix and 325 aspirin after having a coiling and stent put in less than 2 weeks ago. I called the doc's office and they don't take calls from patients after hours - said I needed to call ER. Does anybody know if this is something I should worry about? I have the same slight headache I have had since the surgery, but nothing major.


thats for tha birds sherri…any drs office especially a nuerologist should always have a dr on call after hours…thats what we pay for…my Lord…even my pcp has a dr on call after hrs…if not then i would switch to a dr that has more concern for his patients…how are you doing sweety? my coiling was n the basilar tip artery…so i didnt ever have this happen…but do have nose bleeds due to sinuses n allergies…lthis doesnt sound like that,hope you were able to get this addressed…good luck hunny…prayers coming ur way…much love too

My coiling and stent are also in the basilar tip, which he had told me has a higher margin of sprouting new annies - I have my post op appt on Tuesday and will question him on this. I was shocked that the practice said to call the ER. I didn't do that - but did not have any more clots or blood come out and was still alive this morning!! Because of where I live, this is the only practice close to me, unless I want to go to Boston or CT. I will start writing questions to ask him when I go Tuesday (I was supposed to go last Tuesday, but the electricity was still out everywhere in Western MA), and unfortunately, I do like my doctor. Will let you know what he says about the basilar tip.

Hugs and hope your Sunday is beautiful there - it is here,


Hi Sherri,

Any doubts about bleeding...go to your ER...

I too, had my coiling on my basilar tip...and I bled out in my groin and my esophagus...they took me off plavix, but continue the rest of my life on 325mg of aspirin...the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing some nose bleeds ... change of weather...and the aspirin...I am 47 and bruise and bleed like an 80 year old women...that being said...if you continue with clots or bleeding, go to ER...and be sure to talk to your Doctor when you go this week...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

praise the Lord on that…you still being here…i feel were all some tuff hens n as long as we keep fighting were not going anywhere soon…thank u Lord! on the plavix, i have heard it causes bruising…i was removed off all blood thinners once discharged from the hospital n now only take bp meds n anxiety stuff…im sorry to hear about the bad weather yall have been having up there,keep us posted on how ur doin…prayers coming ur way :wink:


Any doubts about anything, especially where any strange or severe bleeding is concerned after surgery should have taken you right to the ER if the doc was unavailable - - That's what my doc told me when I was released.

I'm glad that has stopped, but am concerned what could have caused it. Please keep us posted after your doctor's appointment. We all worry about you!!



Thanks for all the replies. I am looking forward to the Dr's visit in the morning to see why I might have had this. I noticed my wrist really hurting tonight and it is bright purple and bruised (could it be from the raking of the yard I have been doing these past 2 days?). Maybe it is time for me to slow down - some good friends are insisting on taking me in the morning - I think they want to tell on me!! If anything I have been doing is a no-no to the doctor, I will definitely stop and heed. The only restriction he gave me at first was not lifting more than 10 lbs for a week, then I could start slowly doing more. So I have when I felt good enough (and with our weather, who knows when I will be able to rake the leafs again!)/

Thanks again for all the concerns, I will heed the advice of my doctor!

Love you all for caring,


Sherri-good luck tomorrow…hope it was nothing…and you know, the leaves will just blow away if you don’t rake them! So don’t sweat doing that kind of work, it can’t possibly be good for you this soon! Just let them blow on down your street to be someone else’s problem for awhile…I don’t think anyone would mind! :slight_smile: Keep us posted!