Help Newbie and trying to navigate around Suggestions please :0)

Help Newbie and trying to navigate around Suggestions please :0)

Welcom Deb x

Deb, welcome,

Please tell us a bit about Newbie? Have you had treatment or looking in to it?

Deb, I can type, and suggest you look at the Groups, and the Blog Posts. Beyond that, I have to ask for help...and, I have been here for quite some time. Also browse the BAF Main Site for background info..

Prayers you get lots of responses in your welcoming...


Hi all thanks for the response....I've had 3 clippings via craino in 2009 had a coil last Wednesday with a stent also have a shunt 'Im still healing (don't know what I did to type this way sorry) I came home Thursday evening still balance issues nausea and tiredness guess thats normal so glad to find this place Thank you for the welcomes I'm in SC

Sue just trying to learn and chat don't know all yet lol Is there a chat area?

hi deb-hope this finds you well-the same thing happens to me with the bold type!!! that's funny i can't imagine what we r doing- i hit bold -nada, finally i hit html???? that made the bold go away but it added arrows before and after typing????? maybe a glitch????ummmmmm i'm probably not muchhelp but i just started chatting and you go to top where it says members, & chat will drop down-click that & youll be in-we did main room????you then click on persons & theres a tiny arrow,click that & a window will drop-then click on start chatoh yeah hit enter on your keypad to was awesome-i was chatting with jmc from Australia & my friend Sue from ny-i'll look 4 u on there-i do a lot of trial & error!!Anyway welcome!sounds like you also have been thru a lot-hang in there-it may take time-my healing is so slow i didn't realize how far i had progressed untill i reflected back-good luck &may God Bless U &yours-ron