Hello every one..New and Old

Just a bit of an update..

I am moving to Houston!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I'm doing really great.. Still want the screws out!! It's been 1 years and 3 months since my clipping..

For all of you out there that are just begining your journy, I am living proof that you can do this and that you can get your life back.. I know your scared right now, but hang on... This site got me threw some really hard times.. Dont be afraid or feel bad about feeling pissed off.. We all understand and have been there.. I thank God this happened to me, it has opened my eyes to my strenth.. It has brought me back to my faith..

Send much Love and many Hugs.. and many PRAYERS..


Congrats Princess, so glad to hear you are doing so well!

Hi Princess...good to see you and good you are doing so well...~ Good Luck on your new Journey to Houston...~ Colleen

Hi PW,

Glad to hear your doing better and have some new sights on the horizon.

A few months back we met with a Neurosurgeon for advice on how he might possibly remove my wife's metal sutures. What seemed like a simple procedure is so complex and risky because the implanting Neurosurgeon overlayed an epoxy type material. We'll have to wait until February to find out about alternatives.

Hi Princess,

I'm so happy that all is well with you . Your posts always made me smile , even when you were yelling at the world : ]


Hey PW,

Glad to hear you are doing well! Houston is not that far from Nashville!

Love and Hugs!


LOL I know, An there is a guy that I've been talking to that lives in Nashville.. :)

Princess...what a move...from Puget Sound to Houston...I have not visited beyond San Antonia...

My hopes are that this move is special to you in every way...I regret we did not get acquainted while you are/were here...

You were blessed with open surgery / clips... Please let us know when you arrive, get settled into Houston...

Hugs and prayers to you


hi PW !!! i dont think we ever corresponded but nice to meet you!! i recall you but i think you were before my time because i didnt write much early on but now they can't shut me up!! lol-maybe i should change name to motor mouth??? naaaa. anyway good luck on your move!! and thanks for the update and wonderful encouraging words, hoping for more, our thoughts & prayers are with you & yours!

I'm a year & 4 months post clipping. :) (and still dealing with an active AVM).

Which part of Houston are you moving to? I'm Southwest of Houston in Alvin.

I HATE moving, so I hope your move goes very smoothly.

Looks like Kemah.. :)

Sweet, you'll have to look me up, would love to meet you :))


That would be so awesome..