Hello! Relative of someone with a brain aneurym

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a fine day. I'm new here so I'm just trying to get used to this site. Not sure if i belong here because I'm not the one with a brain aneurysm but my mother is. Just here to find support.

My mother had a brain aneurysm 5 years ago. I was the one who found her & called 911. Her recovery is minimal. She has a tracheostomy & a g-tube to feed her. She can not move or talk but she is conscious. I know this because she looks everyone who walks in her room.

My father & I visit her everyday & have been for the past 5 years. My father goes every morning & stays for 12hrs with her on the days he doesn't have work. When he does have work, he visits her before & after. I visit after school. I go everyday because I feel this is all that I can do for her though I wish I could do more.

Although it's been 5 years, it hasn't gotten any easier to deal with this situation. It is just routine now. I've only mustered up the courage now to find support because I've just realized that I have unresolved issues & guilt about my mothers condition.

I have support from my friend's but they can't really understand. None of them have been in this kind of situation & I feel alone. There's definitely more to this story but it'll be a novel if type it all out. I'm open to questions & comments.

Just wanted to find some people who can understand this situation & share with. Thanks for letting me be apart of this community. :)

Hello Karen and peace,

My God, you and your family have truly been thru so much...Has there been no significant improvements at all in your mothers condition? no rehab or any sort? I can't imagine how hard this is for you...and the devotion of your father is both heartbreaKing yet heroic ......You do know that aneurysms can run in families I take it? If you haven't yet had a screening, you need to do so, as well as any other closely related family members like brothers and sisters to you and to your Mothers brothers and sisters as well.. What do the doctors say is her prognosis? I'm so sorry for what you have all gone thru...Janet

Again Welcome and I hope you find others in your situation...how rough, my prayers and thoughts go out to you and your dad...I did find here under groups...http://www.bafsupport.org/group/spouseofaneurysmsurvivor this is a group that is the spouses and/or caretakers of someone who had a brain aneurysm...you may find more people in your situation...Hope this helps you out...Prayers out to you ~ Colleen

hi Karen! you definitely belong here!! so sorry your going thru this -I hope you get tons of support here. Thank you for sharing your story, im thanking God now can walk a lttle 4 yrs post sah. Feel free to write question or even vent-see you around hopefully!

Hi Janet. Thank you for replying.

There has been very little improvement. It's been 5 years & the doctors feel that at this point, full recovery will be slim to none. I just feel helpless. My mom is trapped in her own head, unable to communicate to us. When she's in pain, she makes a face & i recognize that she is in pain. I just don't know where & what is causing it. She'll start crying & all i can do is tell her that we'll be with her everyday..... I can't tell her that she'll get better because then I'll just be lying to her. I just want to hear her voice.

I've read that aneurysms run in families. I haven't gotten screened for it because i have no insurance. I'm currently unemployed & a full time college student. I plan on getting checked though, as soon as i find a job & get health insurance.

Are you a survivor of an aneurysm? If so, how is your recovery coming along?


Thanks Colleen. I will definitely check it out. You're an angel! :)


Hi Ron! Thanks for reading & replying to my post.

I'm happy to hear that you are recovering! Do you still get PT on a regular basis?


Definitely you belong here. I think there will be a special place in Heaven for caregivers. I am 1 yr post ruptured aneurysm & coiling. I hope and pray for peace for you and your mom & dad. A love like theirs is something to be proud of. I was fortunate to have someone wonderful to care for me,too. That plus a wonderful daughter- much like you it sounds like & 2great sons. Please use this site for information & know we will all support you.

Hey Karen,

I'm a survivor, (1998, clip for aneurysm, 2006 Sah/coma/coiled for another aneurysm, and in 2010 clipped to fix the compacted coils) ...My recovery is going well, thanks for asking. Its been quite some time since I've been in the Aneurysm World with any problems, however just to be sure theres no other problems lurking in my head, I'm scheduled for a 4 vessel angiogram (as soon as the county insurance approves my application that is) ...You know I stumbled upon this website about 6 months ago, and if it were not for this site and its warm and very real people, I'd just continue on down the road and I know I never would've put forth the effort to get an angiogram much less try to re-new the County insurance. Such a hassel, you know? and the stories of peoples sheer will and survival, theirs make my own annie history seem like nothing in comparison. Plus I've made some dear freinds on this site..

Obiosly, your mothers story (or others similar) are not stories that hit this website often, not unless someone like yourself happens to join up, which I'm really glad you did . My God, I cannot imagine what you and your Dad have gone thru with your Mother, what were the circumstances that led your mom to where she is now? how old is your mom? I'm nearly 51 and have noticed that anywhere from 35 on up seems to be the usual annie years and it seems to ususally affect more women then men....A freind of ours was married to a woman who suddenly had an aneuyrsm, somewhere in rural Missouri, no where near a hospital...she lasted a little over a year but not in a healing way, she never got better and she passed on. So absolutely awful, and your situation sounds very depressing indeed, and I'm sure theres no way around that...and the helpless feeling has got to be a "no way out" feeling of despair. I wish I could uplift you and make you happy by telling you something awesome about aneurysms, but I can't. The best thing I can add is PLEASE , whenever you can, get on some sort of insurance plan (thru the State or County maybe?) and if ever you seem to think something is not right with your own health, (dizzynes, vision problems, etc.) never say no to a good ER! Tell them immediately of your history , lie if you have to to get your way, and make them give you an angiogram with contrast. There seems to be cases of misdiagnosas all around when it comes to aneurysms, so when it gets down to the brass tacks in an ER environment, LIE and say you'e got aunts and sisters with annies too ! whatever it takes., to get the correct test( thats my theory of realism!! ) and they have to treat you, insurance or not (I know!) ...

Anyway Karen, hope I didn't rattle you or scare you with my annie talk...(you've seen more then most of the people on this website have ) so I figure you've got to be one tough lady. Peace, Janet


You and your dad are tremendous... in the love you provide...

Karen, if there is not a Group site for those with loved ones in similar circumstance, it may be great to initiate one...

Not too long ago (maybe a year?...I have no control on time...winter was yesterday...and, June may arrive before tomorrow... I cannot quicly remember names...there wre several spouses and/or children of parents...going thru similar circumstances...just not known to be as long as yours...

Prayers for you all...and, that you may seek some counseling re: unresolved issues and guilt...As well as finding support here...


hi Karen! no more therapy cuse they plateaued me. They gave me exercises to do at home. Hope this finds you all improving~