My mother had a brain aneurysm on Tuesday 3/27/2012... What should I expect during the recovery process

On 3/27/2012 I was devastated to learn that my mom had just had an brain aneurysm.....I am still reeling. I know that she has been blessed because she can still walk and talk and her memory is pretty good....I just wanted to hear other experiences of members and their family members....thank you

hi crystal-so sorry u had to go thru this-my annuerism was in 2009,i am still reeling!i can also walk,talk & memory is not good-but welcome to the site & please have patience-oh wow your's was only a couple days ago-tell her to not be discouraged she is really early in the healing process & they say there is much improvement in the first year!! Good luck & may God Bless u & yours-ron oh your from philly! was she in Jefferson?

Thank you.......she is at temple U

You can go to each of our pages and read our stories...however, Crystal...everyone is different with recovery...and depending what your mom's procedure is for her aneurysm? I was 46 years of age ( I am now 47) ... my aneurysm was in a very dangerous place (basilar artery)...I had many complications...but many here have done so good with you depends on one's health, physician's, etc., I know ...Lots of prayers and my loving husband really got me to where I am today ~ I guess in a way I didn't really answer your question...but I will say some prayers for your mom...~ Cyber~thoughts and prayers Colleen

I’m so sorry Crystal! I am a survivor and as was said we are all different. If you want to message me your email address I would invite my daughters to share their thoughts with you!

Welcome Crystal, I am a survivor also, I am sure you will get all the help and support you need on this site, I am a year in can walk, talk and my memory isn't too bad, I have another aneurysm which is awaiting treatment so it has been a long and sometimes painful road, I really felt for my children when I was taken in to hospital and I know they also were reeling from the news, it is early days for you but I wish you and yours all the best for the future and your Mums continued recovery, God Bless you all, Jill xx

Wondering how everyone is doing? ~ Colleen

Thank you for all your replies I appreciate your responses and find them encouraging....God Bless