Hello I am new here

Hi. I am new here. I have had this aneurysm for 4 years now 3.3 mm and a new one was just discovered in the back on my head. Its called a celebral aneurysm. I am glad I am not alone. I felt like I was the only one dealing with this till I found this group. Does anyone feel like they need to limit their life. I am a mom of 2 and for sone reason I have been getting more and more tired easily with bad head aches. Does anyone feel this way?

Welcome Carriola! So glad you found this group, it has been a lifeline to many of us. You certainly are not alone. Has your doctor suggested a strategy to observe/treat your aneurysms? For sure, if you have a sudden severe headache call 911 right away.

Carriola, Listen to Judy, if the headache is horrible, call 911!

Monday, I think maybe you should call the doctor monitoring your Aneurysms, let them know about the headache.

My doctors all sing the same song to make sure I understand the rule - headache, stiff neck. Nausea or vomiting means a trip to the ER for me all the way to Winston Salem, where my neurosurgeon is at.

There are several things you could try to help manage your headaches. One, consider a mouth guard,because you may be grinding your teeth at night from stress. Plackers is the one I use, I learned I must change it out every few weeks or I have severe headaches. The Dollar Tree has them. Two, try cryoderm cold roll on, use it on your forehead the moment a headache starts, this has helped me many times, but sadly not always. Third, avoid electronics if you can, rest your eyes, put an ice pack on your head and a heating pad on the nape of your neck. Sometimes I need to do all three things.

My migraine headaches are also barometric and weather induced, too. When one is really bad I must take a lorazepam and head to bed, but I know this is not an option for you, because you are a mother of children. ):

Do not ignore a headache that causes you to vomit, because this can be a sign of a bleed or rupture.